Spring Weekend: A Message from the Chief of Police

uconn_logo_t1The UConn Chief of Police, Robert S. Hudd, sent a message this week to the University community regarding Spring Weekend:

Recent Spring Weekend celebrations have shown us that most people in attendance enjoy the weekend in a responsible manner.

Unfortunately, some students and visitors to campus remain intent on violating the law and engaging in dangerous or destructive behavior. This is not acceptable at the University of Connecticut.

Students – as well as visitors planning to travel to UConn this week – should be aware of the following additional measures that University and state police will be implementing this year to help maintain safety: there will be numerous DUI checkpoints both on campus and on the roads surrounding campus; there will be roving DUI patrols throughout the area; certain roads and parking lots on campus will be blocked or closed sporadically throughout the weekend; and parking on campus will be restricted during this period.

I also strongly emphasize the following:

  • No violence of any kind will be tolerated. No individual may throw rocks, bottles or any object at anything or anyone else – including emergency response personnel – or engage in any kind of physical violence.
  • No one may light fires. Fires can cause serious injury and have the potential to damage or destroy property, housing and forest land.
  • No one may vandalize or destroy any public or private property. This includes homes, buildings, rooms, cars and signs.

Anyone engaging in the behavior outlined above will be subject to arrest. Think before you act: I do not wish to see you in our jail cells.

Most UConn students place an emphasis on academic achievement, fulfilling educational and personal goals, and their future career path. Being injured, arrested, or expelled from the University will have serious consequences for you and may negatively affect your future.

The guide to your behavior is fairly simple: if you conduct yourself in a safe and responsible manner, then you are free to enjoy your weekend. If you believe that an act is wrong or illegal, it probably is.  Previously, one student leader put it this way: “If people don’t act like jerks, we can party.”

I agree with that statement.

Please accept my thanks in advance for contributing to a safe Spring Weekend.

Robert S. Hudd
Chief of Police