Outstanding Students in the Class of 2011

As the University counts down to Commencement, UConn Today is featuring some of this year’s outstanding graduating students, nominated by their academic school or college or another University program in which they participated. For their stories, click on the links below, and keep checking back as more articles are added daily through Commencement.

<p>Maya Moore. Photo provided by Athletic Communications</p> Maya Moore, CLAS ’11
Maya Moore’s competitive nature has driven her to success in class as well as on the basketball court.
<p>Dental School student: Joseph Blondin. Photo by Janine Gelineau</p> Joseph Blondin, Joseph Blondin, DENT (DMD) ’11
Joseph Blondin is looking forward to being ‘the dentist.’
<p>Medical School student David Austin Schirmer. Photo by Janine Gelineau</p> David Austin Schirmer, MED (MD) ’11
Medical student David Austin Schirmer discovered ob/gyn as his calling through a required rotation.
<p>Rachel McAnallen. Photo by Peter Morenus</p> Rachel McAnallen, ED (Ph.D.) ’11
A UConn Ph.D. student is changing the culture of math – one teacher at a time.
<p>Scott Meshnick. Photo by Jessica Tommaselli, CLAS '11</p> Scott Meshnick, CLAS ’11
Judaic studies major Scott Meshnick was able to match academic courses with leadership opportunities.
<p>Sheena Mayes-Boyle. Photo by Ariel Dowski</p> Sheena Boyle, ED ’11
Inspired by her teacher’s passion for the kids she taught, Sheena Boyle hopes to become a teacher herself.
<p>Allison Footit. Photo by Jessica Tommaselli, CLAS '11</p> Allison Footit , SFA ’11
Allison Footit combines art and activism, using art as a touchstone for understanding the world.
<p>Lucas Meyer. Photo by Ariel Dowski</p> Lucas Meyer, LAW (JD) ’11
With a degree from the Law School, Lucas Meyer hopes to make an impact as an environmental lawyer.
Keary Salls. Photo by Daniel Buttrey Keary Salls, CLAS ’11
Serving in Iraq led to Middle East study for Keary Salls.
Amy Kioko. Photo by Jessica Tommaselli Amy Kioko, SSW (MSW) ’11
Amy Kioko says a master’s of social work is a versatile degree that opens many doors.
Craig Folcik. Craig Folcik, NUR ’11
Nursing major Craig Folcik values the academic and extracurricular opportunities he’s had at UConn.
<p>Yarelys Tifa. Photo by Peter Morenus</p> Yarelys Tifa, CANR ’11
A degree in resource economics has prepared Yarelys Tifa for a career in business.
<p>Lindsy Murphy. Photo by Ariel Dowski</p> Lindsy Murphy, PHR (Pharm.D.)/BUS (MBA) ’11
Lindsy Murphy is the first graduate of a new dual degree program in pharmacy and business.
<p>Isabella Pilato. Photo by Jessica Tommaselli</p> Isabella Pilato, CLAS ’11
Isabella Pilato is an eloquent advocate of a liberal arts education.
<p>Gustavo Contreras. Photo by Ariel Dowski</p> Gustavo K. Contreras, ENG ’11
Engineering double major Gustavo K. Contreras hopes to specialize in hardware security.
<p>Alexandra Kuehnle. Photo by Peter Morenus</p> Alexandra Kuehnle, CLAS ’11
Whether choosing a major or planning her career, Alexandra Kuehnle seeks to serve her country.