Spring 2011 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards

The Research Foundation’s spring 2011 Faculty Large Grants were announced recently. The goal of these awards is to help faculty in all disciplines to better position themselves to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the spring 2011 Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 48 proposals, and made 33 awards totaling more than $542,000. The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a panel.

The award recipients are:

Marcy Balunas, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Exploratory Investigation of Alaskan Glacial and Periglacial Bacteria for their Potential in Natural Products Drug Discovery Research, $25,000

Joshua Berning, Agricultural & Resource Economics, A Pilot Study to Examine the Relationship of Economic Insecurity and Household Behavior as it Relates to Obesity, $15,890

Hart Blanton, Psychology, The Psychophysiological Implications of Polarized Political Communication, $23,027

Mary Burke, English, Representations of the Scots-Irish Book Project, $2,200

Joseph Bushey, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Use of Chemical Sensors to Assess Mercury Methylation Potential as Impacted by Retention Time Shifts, $21,735

Robin Cote, Physics, Controlling Charge Transfer, $12,060

Laura Crow, Dramatic Arts, Costuming Hunger: Experimentation in the Construction of Avant Garde Costumes with State of the Art Materials, $3,800

Annamaria Csizmadia, Human Development & Family Studies, Prosocial Competencies, Racial/Ethnic Socialization, and School Adjustment among Caribbean and South/Central American Immigrant Children: A Preliminary Investigation, $16,837

John Enderle, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Eye and Head Movement Recorder for Development of a 3D Eye and Head Movement Model for Saccades and Gaze Shifts, $18,600

Kenneth Fuchs, Music, London Symphony Orchestra Recording Project: Orchestral Music of Kenneth Fuchs, $7,500

Daniel Gage, Molecular & Cell Biology, Global Signaling by Stored Carbon in the Prokaryotic Symbiont S. meliloti, $22,770

Norman Garrick, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transportation and the Health and Wealth of Cities: A Sabbatical Project, $4,900

Joseph Glaz, Statistics, Variable Window Scan Statistics for the Mean of Normal Distribution Models for One and Two-Dimensional Data, $14,390

Johann Gogarten, Molecular & Cell Biology, Use of Horizontal Gene Transfer Frequencies to Place Extinct Lineages of Microorganisms on the Tree of Life, $25,000

Shareen Hertel, Political Science, Law, Social Protest, and the Right to Food in India, $19,500

Blair Johnson, Psychology, Optimal Intervention Content to Prevent Sexual Transmission of HIV, $26,000

Mary Ellen Junda, Music, Preserving the Past: The Sacred and Secular Music Traditions of the Gullah Community, $4,984

Jane Kerstetter, Allied Health Sciences, The Effect of Amino Acids on Claudin-2: An Integral Tight Junction Protein, $9,940

Charles Lansing, History, German Nazi Hunters: The Central Agency and Germany’s Belated Search for Justice, $5,000

Ji-Young Lee, Nutritional Sciences, Regulatory Mechanism for Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Expression by Fatty Acids in Macrophages, $25,000

Yu Lei, Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Rapid, Accurate, Noninvasive and Cost-Effective Pre-Screening Technology for Lung Cancer, $21,735

Yao Lin, Chemistry, Correlate the Unique Viscoelastic Properties of Polypeptide-Grafted Brush Polymers with Their Morphology, $25,755

Charles Mahoney, English, Coleridge on Shakespeare, $5,000

Nancy Shoemaker, History, Living with Whales: Oral Histories of New England Indian Whaling History, $4,500

Lawrence Silbart, Allied Health Sciences, Mitigating the Harmful Effect of Carcinogens in Tobacco via Passive Immunity, $25,000

Gregory Sotzing, Chemistry, Sabbatical at Wright Patterson Air Force Base/AFRL DNA as a Host Matrix for Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaics, $12,400

Ranjan Srivastava, Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Determination of Viral Biomolecular Networks from Unstructured Kinetic Data, $21,735

Rachel Tambling, Human Development & Family Studies, Expectations about Couple Therapy, $20,252

Thomas Van Hoof, Nursing, Qualitative Assessment of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Preparation for Quality Improvement in Primary Care, $13,748

J Evan Ward, Marine Sciences, Uptake of Nanoparticles by Suspension-Feeding Bivalves: Retention, Depuration, and Potential Effects (sabbatical), $18,017

Mei Wei, Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Optimization of Scaffolds and Progenitor Cells for Articular Cartilage Repair, $21,735

Xudong Yao, Chemistry, Coded Chemical Probes for Proteome Activity Investigation, $26,911

Peng Zhang, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Risk in Wide Area Measurement and Control System and Its Impact on Power System Reliability: Models, Measures, Evaluation Methods, and Applications, $21,735