Daily Digests to Replace University-wide Listserv Emails

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This post was updated on Sept. 14, 2011.

Dear Members of the UConn Community:

The University will begin consolidating all University-wide Listserv emails into two comprehensive email messages, the UConn Daily Digest, for faculty, staff, and graduate students across all campuses, and the Student Daily Digest, for all undergraduate students across all campuses. Each day at noon, all faculty, staff, graduate, and undergraduate students will receive a compilation of all general broadcast communications specific to them, with links to more detailed information.

We believe this packaged communication will provide information to members of our community in a timely fashion and allow recipients to review items of interest, while reducing inbox volume and frequent interruptions caused by the sporadic nature of our current information delivery.

Separate from the Daily Digests, the Alert System communications, including all emergency and campus closings information, will remain unchanged and will not be included in the digest. In addition, a streamlined process for UConn Official Announcements will be implemented so that time-sensitive, critical communications can be disseminated on an as-needed basis.

Specific Listservs that are not general broadcast communications, such as those serving student organizations, regional campuses, individual classes, and union members, will remain intact. The daily broadcast communication at the Health Center will also continue to remain separate and unchanged. Timecard communications will not be included in any Daily Digest.

Susan Herbst
University of Connecticut



The Daily Digests will begin on Thursday, Sept. 15, and will be delivered on weekdays at noon to all faculty, staff, and graduate students across all campuses, including the School of Law. The Student Daily Digest will go to undergraduate and BGS students at the Storrs and regional campuses.

To submit a Daily Digest communication:

Send a text-only email of your message for faculty, staff, and graduate students to UCONN_DAILY_DIGEST-L@listserv.uconn.edu
or for undergraduate and BGS students, send to STUDENT_DAILY_DIGEST-L@listserv.uconn.edu
You will receive an automated email asking to confirm your request.
All submissions are screened by official moderators. Offensive language and posts dealing with non-University content are not permitted.
Once approved by a moderator, your message will be held in a queue until noon.

During the transition, any messages submitted before 11 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 15, will be held for Thursday’s Daily Digest.

To submit a UConn Official Announcement:

If your message is critical University business and cannot be included in a Daily Digest, please submit your request to your appropriate supervisor. Offices of the President, Provost, and Chief Operating Officer have the authorization to send out UConn Official Announcements on an as-needed basis.

If you have additional questions, please refer to dailydigest.uconn.edu or email dailydigest@uconn.edu.