Storrs Grants, September 2011

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in September 2011. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is provided each month by OSP.

Aindow, M., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Transmision Electron Microscopy (TEM) Characterization of SAM Al
DOD/DARPA/United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $50,000, 8/11-12/12

Ammar, R., Computer Science & Engineering
Optimal Surface Gateway Deployment for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
NSF/CISE, $150,000, 9/11-8/13

Arnold, C., Extension
Digital Coast Website Evaluation and Recommendations
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce/Research, Environmental, & Management Support(REMSA), $26,964, 8/11-12/11

Basu, A., Chemistry
Human Exposure and Responses to Toxins from the Air and Water
PHS/National Institutes of Health, $8,000, 8/11-7/12

Bayer, A., Mathematics
Wall-Crossing, Stability Conditions and Mirror Symmetry
NSF/MPS, $126,000, 9/11-8/14

Bruno, R., Nutritional Sciences
Vasoprotective Activities of Non-fat Milk in Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome
National Dairy Council/Dairy Research Institute, $169,732, 9/11-8/13

Burgess, D., Pharmaceutical Sciences
Method of Dissolution for Nanosuspensions/Nanoparticles
PHS/DHHS/Food & Drug Administration, $199,978, 8/11-8/13

Burkhard, P., Molecular & Cell Biology
Regulation and Function of Intermediate Filaments in Cell Mechanics
PHS/NIH/National Institute of General Medical Sciences/Northwestern University, $1,356,204, 4/11-3/16

Cabaniss, J., Marine Sciences
Charter of R/V CT for ESP Deployment and Recovery
DOC/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, $44,628, 6/11-7/11

Cabaniss, J., Marine Sciences
Charter of R/V CT by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for Kemp Right Whale Project
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, $38,400, 5/11-7/11

Cabaniss, J., Marine Sciences
Charter of R/V CT for Buoy Deployment/Recovery
DOC/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/University of Maine, $32,000, 8/11-8/11

Cantino, M., Physiology & Neurobiology
MRI: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with Cryo Transfer and EDS Systems
NSF/BIO, $597,600, 9/11-8/14

Casa, D., Kinesiology
A Partnership with Timex to Examine the Scope and Efficacy of High Athletic Monitoring Devices
Timex, $87,320, 6/11-12/13

Casa, D., Kinesiology
Athletic Training Services: A Partnership with Bloomfield H.S.
Bloomfield Public Schools, $16,788, 8/11-6/12

Casa, D., Kinesiology
Athletic Training Services: A Partnership with The Rectory School
The Rectory School, $21,260, 8/11-6/12

Chandy, J., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Exploratory Curriculum for Trustable Computing Systems Security Education
NSF/EHR, $197,025, 8/11-7/13

Chrysochoou, M., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sustainable Erosion Control in Developing Countries Using Industrial By-Products
EPA/Environmental Protection Agency, $15,000, 5/11-8/12

Chrysochoou, M., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Geographic Information System (GIS) and Strategy Development for Brownfield Reclamation in Connecticut
Conn. Department of Economic & Community Development, $22,200, 7/11-5/12

Coelho, C., Communication Sciences
The Neural Bases of Statistical and Referential Cues to Phonetic Category Structure
PHS/NIH/National Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders/Brown University, $44,292, 7/11-11/11

Coleman, C., Pharmacy Practice
Biologic and Non-biologic Systematic Agents and Phototherapy for Treatment of Chronic Plaque Psoriasis
PHS/Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, $299,938, 4/11-9/12

DeGuise, S., Sea Grant College Program
Supporting Cost-Efficient Adaptation Planning in the North Atlantic
DOC/NOAA/Oceanic & Atmospheric Research, $30,000, 10/11-9/13

Ehret, M., Pharmacy Practice
Psychotropic Medication Adherence: Development of an Inmate Interview Process
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Mental Health/Rutgers – State University of New Jersey, $10,000, 12/10-7/11

Enderle, J., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Clinical Engineering Internship Program at the UConn Health Center
University of Connecticut Health Center, $114,318, 8/11-8/13

Enderle, J., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Clinical Engineering Internship Program at Baystate Medical Center
Baystate Medical Center, $114,474, 8/11-8/13

Gebremichael, M., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ensemble Data Assimilation of Satellite-Based Soil Moisture and Surface Water Area Estimates for Accurate Flood Forecasting
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration, $30,000, 9/11-8/12

Grubin, H., Physics
Workshop on Nanoscale Science and Technology for Forensics
NSF/ENG, $12,000, 8/11-7/12

Levin, M., Pathobiology & Veterinary Science
Cytokines and Acute Phase Proteins: Validation of a New Rapid Diagnostic Assay to Measure the Health of Stranded Marine Mammals
DOC/NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service, $25,654, 9/11-8/12

Luh, P., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Power Plant Boiler Modeling and Optimization Support – Phase XI
Alstom Power Corp., $43,947, 8/11-5/12

Lurie, N., Marketing
Modeling Mobile Customer Behavior
University of Pennsylvania, $6,000, 9/11-12/12

Mackay, A., Civil & Environmental Engineering
Collaborative Research: Role of Organic Matter Source on the Photochemical Fate of Pharmaceautical Compounds
NSF/ENG, $299,668, 9/11-8/14

Mahan, E., Office of International Affairs
Public Engagement to Promote Global Citizenship
World Affairs Council of Connecticut, $10,000, 8/11-5/12

Mandoiu, I., Computer Science & Engineering
Software for Robust Transcript Discovery and Quantification from Sequencing Data
Life Technologies Corp., $30,000, 8/11-1/12

Mhadeshwar, A., School of Engineering, Office of Dean
Structure-Activity Correlationships in Soot Oxidation
Corning, $49,995, 8/11-7/12

Morris, T., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
Environmental Quality Incentives Program Technical Assistance, Nutrient Management Planning
USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service, $70,000, 7/11-9/12

Mulkey, D., Physiology & Neurobiology
KCNQ Channels in Chemosensitive RTN Neurons
Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy, $100,000, 7/11-6/12

Nieh, M., Institute of Materials Science
Single-Step Manufacture of Affinity Nanodiscs for Drug Delivery
NSF/ENG, $387,249, 1/12-12/14

O’Donnell, J., Marine Sciences
Support for Environmental and Ship Motion Forecasting
DOD/Navy/Office of Naval Research/Applied Physical Sciences Corp., $399,200, 7/11-2/12

Pasaogullari, U., Mechanical Engineering
Electrochemical H2 Reclamation
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration/Sustainable Innovations, $199,965, 7/11-6/13

Pasaogullari, U., Mechanical Engineering
SBIR Phase I: Efficient Separation of Hydrogen from Reformate
NSF/ENG/Sustainable Innovations, $25,603, 7/11-12/11

Payne, D., Sea Grant College Program
Quahog Bowl
Project Oceanology, $7,327, 7/11-12/11

Ranjeet, B., ISS-Academic Programs Center
University Success Program
Conn. Department of Higher Education, $100,000, 9/11-8/12

Seth, A., Geography
In-Depth Regional Process-level Analyses of North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program and AR5 simulations over North America: Towards Establishing Differential Credibility of Future Regional Climate Simulations
DOC/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, $236,631, 9/11-8/14

Shah, F., Agricultural & Resource Economics
Development of a Preliminary Software Package for Assisting with Sustainable Water Resource Management in Ethiopia
Korea Environment Institute, $20,000, 7/11-11/11

Signorello, N., ISS-Academic Programs Center
Educational Talent Search
ED/Office of Postsecondary Education, $290,226, 9/11-8/16

Silander, J., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Fire, Phenology, and Weather: Implications of Climate Change in Mediterranean Ecosystems
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration, $18,345, 9/11-8/12

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Characterization of Catalysts and Materials for Fuel Cell Application
Precision Combustion Inc., $5,000, 7/11-1/12

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Evaluation of the Performance of NASA’s SOFC-LTA on Methane as Fuel
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration, $92,000, 7/11-12/11

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Mechanistic Evaluation of the Thermo-Chemo and Electro Processes and the Role of Microstructure and Interfaces on Transport Kinetics during Warm Temperature CO2 Capture: MgO-Molten Salt System
DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, $54,540, 8/11-7/12

Sun, W., Mechanical Engineering
Probabilistic Modeling of Stenotic Aortic Valve Intervention
PHS/NIH/National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, $1,936,903, 8/11-6/16

Swallow, S., Agricultural & Resource Economics
Making Markets for Ecosystem Services of Farms on the Rural Fringe: Vermont Grasslands for Hay and Nesting Songbirds
USDA/National Institute of Food & Agriculture, $450,499, 7/11-6/14

Tang, J., Mechanical Engineering
Adaptive Piezoelectric Circuitry Sensor Network with High-Frequency Harmonics Interrogation for Structural Damage Detection
University of Michigan, $220,969, 6/11-5/14

Thierfeld Brown, J., School of Law, Office of Dean
UCEDD – University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service
PHS/DHHS/Administration for Children & Families/University of Connecticut Health Center, $6,661, 3/11-6/11

Tufts, J., Communication Sciences
The Effect on Attenuation of Changes in Canal Length of Custom-Molded Earplugs
DOD/Navy/Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory/Science Applications International Corp., $6,208, 7/11-8/11

Urban, M., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary and Ecological Feedbacks: Do Locally Adapted Salamanders Shape Food Web Dynamics?
NSF/BIO, $499,999, 9/11-8/14

Wang, L., Electrical & Computer Engineering
MRI: Instrumentation Development for Sustainable Distributed Cyber-Aquatic Systems
NSF/CISE, $499,999, 9/11-8/14

Willig, M., Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering
A Connecticut Biodiversity Monitoring Network: Acoustic Detection of Birds in a Diversity of Landscapes to Inform Conservation Action
Audubon Connecticut, $18,554, 5/11-6/12

Willis, B., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Plasmonic Nanostructures for Solar Energy Harvesting
SciTech Solar, $38,000, 8/11-7/12

Yao, X., Chemistry
Ultrathroughput Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry for Large-Scale Cancer Biomarker Validation
PHS/NIH/National Cancer Institute, $352,028, 8/11-7/13

Zhang, P., School of Engineering, Office of Dean
Reliability Evaluation and Enhancement of Synchronized Phasor Network
BC Hydro, $50,000, 7/11-7/13