Avery Point Campus Reopens After Public Safety Incident

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Connecticut State Police have taken over the investigation of a public safety incident that occurred overnight on UConn’s Avery Point campus and ended early Tuesday morning when a man reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Through the vigilance and quick response of UConn Police and supporting agencies, the individual was located at a remote shoreline location at Avery Point late Monday. The area was secured to ensure the safety of the campus community during overnight discussions with the man.

UConn Police alerted the community of the ongoing incident by using the University Alert Notification System, which notifies registered recipients with alerts sent by text messages and email. An alert banner was also activated on the UConn website to inform the community about the situation and the evacuation of Avery Point’s campus.

UConn Police also worked with the director of Project Oceanology, a youth program being operated at the campus, to inform parents of the situation. The children were in a locked building guarded by police during the incident, which was on another portion of the campus. Parents were also given the option to pick up their children if they wished.

The Avery Point campus reopened Tuesday morning, as Connecticut State Police continued their investigation.

UConn employees also are being encouraged to make use of UConn’s Employee Assistance Program by calling 860-679-2877 or 800-852-4392 if they wish to speak confidentially with a mental health professional about any concerns stemming from this incident.