UConn Health Center Opens New Office in Southington

The UConn Health Center is opening a new medical office practice at 1115 West Street in Southington. The Health Center has had a presence in Southington for several years and the new offices are just down the road from their previous location.

New England Musculoskeletal Institute (NEMSI) clinicians will continue to offer a range of services including orthopaedic care for sports injuries, joint pain, back pain, problems affecting feet, ankles, wrists and more. In addition, specialists with the UConn Medical Group are introducing new services in areas including ear, nose and throat (ENT) care, surgery, urology, dermatology, breast health, vascular surgery and OB-GYN.

UConn Health Center Southington Office
The new medical offices are located at 1115 West Street in Southington. (Anne Horbatuck/UConn Health Center Photo)

The orthopaedic care area has more than doubled the number of exam rooms and also offers a casting area and x-ray services. The new practice also has a blood draw station which is open to the public.

“We are very excited to be in our new space and offer area residents expanded services,” says Anne Horbatuck, NEMSI chief operating officer. “We are more patient-focused and can provide a one-stop-shopping experience where you can have your X-ray and then see our experts for the results and treatment options.”

To protect patient and employee safety, two new lifting devices will also be available. A ceiling lift is installed in the radiology exam room and can safely lift and move a patient weighing up to 880 pounds almost anywhere in the room. A portable floor lift, with a weight capacity of 550 pounds, can be utilized anywhere in the building where a patient needs a safe transfer.

“This equipment helps reduce the risk of patient falls and helps improve patient outcomes by ensuring radiology staff can position patients as required by diagnostic requirements,” says Patti Wawzyniecki with the Health Center’s Office of Research Safety. “The devices also help maintain employee health and safety by reducing the risk of injury associated with repetitive lifting and moving of patients.”

All of the services that were previously offered in the former Southington location, including orthopaedics and spine care, are now available in the new building. The UMG services will start by the end of this month.

To make an appointment, call 800-535-6232 or learn more at www.uchc.edu.

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