Storrs Grants, February 2013

Grants received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in February 2013.

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The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in February 2013. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is provided each month by OSP.

Adamson, D., Chemistry
The Dreyfus Chemistry Wizards Program
Dreyfus (Camille and Henry) Foundation Inc., $33,000, 1/13-8/14

Balasingam, B., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Comcast-01 University of Connecticut Machine Learning Project: Advanced Analytics for Threat Detection, Inference, and Forecasting
Comcast Cable Communications Management, $181,830, 5/12-4/13

Behuniak, P., Educational Psychology
Early Childhood Assessment
Connecticut Department of Education, $150,000, 1/13-6/13

Cabaniss, J., Marine Sciences
Charter of R/V Connecticut in Support of Connecticut River Scintillation Experiment
DOD/Navy/Office of Naval Research, $33,008, 2/13-11/13

Cao, C., Mechanical Engineering
Performance Seeking Control of Turbofano Engines
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $68,000, 1/13-12/13

Cao, C., Mechanical Engineering
Prevention of Loss of Control through Adaptive Reconfiguration
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration/University of Illinois, $359,712, 11/12-10/15

Cassenti, B., Mechanical Engineering
Phase Field Modeling of Single Crystal Materials Failure: Theory
United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney, $35,000, 1/13-12/13

Chun, O., Nutritional Sciences
Chokeberry Polyphenols Promote Bone Health by Inhibiting Inflammation-Induced Bone Resorption
Nutricia Research Foundation, $64,012, 1/13-12/14

Davis, J., History
Research Fellowship
Institute for Advanced Studies-Paris, $19,736, 2/13-6/13

Dobrynin, A., Physics
IPA Position at DMR NSF
NSF/National Science Foundation, $158,998, 1/13-1/14

Donaldson, M., Educational Leadership
Educator Evaluation Pilot Program Study
Connecticut Department of Education, $265,000, 10/12-4/14

Ellis, D., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
Forest Pest Outreach and Survey Project (FPOSP) FY2012
USDA/Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service/Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, $2,500, 9/12-8/13

Frank, H., Chemistry
Structure and Function of Carotenoids
NSF/BIO, $567,935, 3/13-2/16

Gibbons, F., Psychology
Discrimination, Drug Use, & Risky Sex Cognitions Amoung Young African Americans
PHS/NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse/George Washington University, $96,930, 8/12-7/14

Govoni, K., Animal Science
Evaluation of the Antigenicity of Novel DNA-Based Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Vaccines in Swine
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, $43,238, 2/13-9/13

Gray, P., Extension CES – New London
Connecticut Military 4-H Clubs
USDA/National Institute of Food & Agriculture/Kansas State University, $23,000, 10/12-9/13

Henning, R., Psychology
The Feasibility and Short-term Impact of an Online PExHP Program for Workplace Health Protection/Promotion
PHS/CDC/National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health/University of Massachusetts at Lowell, $11,000, 2/13-7/13

Holz-Clause, M., Office of the President
Innovation Ecosystem – Eastern Connecticut Innovation Corridor
Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development/Connecticut Innovations Inc., $607,450, 10/12-9/13

Jones, R., Physics
Fabrication of the Hall D Tagger Microscope and Active Collimator
DOE/Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, $110,432, 10/12-9/14

Lin, H., School of Social Work Instruction & Research
Young Adult Services Program Data Management
Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, $114,809, 12/12-6/14

Lu, T., Mechanical Engineering
Development and Validation of Predictive Models for Turbulent Sooting Flames
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST), $300,000, 10/12-9/15

Lynes, M., Molecular & Cell Biology
Paramagnetic Nanobead-Based Surface Plasmon Microarray Detection of Toxins and Toxicants
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/Ciencia Inc., $82,999, 1/13-12/13

Maric, R., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
One Step Direct Deposition of Durable Cathodes for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC)
Advent Technologies, $167,156, 3/13-3/14

May, E., Molecular & Cell Biology
Computational Studies of Early Stage Cell Entry Events by Non-enveloped Viruses
PHS/NIH/National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, $259,997, 2/13-1/15

McAvoy, R., Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
Coordinator, Professional Development Program Northeast SARE
USDA/Department of Agriculture/University of Vermont, $166,205, 10/12-9/14

McCutcheon, J., Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering
Modification of Thin Film Composite Membrane with Polydopamine for Improved Support Layer Hydrophilicity to Enhance Performance in Forward Osmosis
National Water Research Institute, $20,000, 2/13-8/14

Panosky, D., Nursing Instruction & Research
Reducing Stress Among Correctional Nurses Through Focus Groups
PHS/CDC/National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health/University of Massachusetts at Lowell, $11,000, 2/13-7/13

Pattipati, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Optimized Battery Charging Algorithm (Project B)
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., $312,666, 1/13-2/14

Pattipati, K., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Battery Fuel Gauge Prognostication Algorithm Extension (Project A)
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp., $237,224, 1/13-2/14

Shea, D., Connecticut Transportation Institute
Proven Safety Countermeasures Educational Program Curriculum Development
DOT/Federal Highway Administration, $12,000, 8/12-9/12

Singh, P., Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
Thermally Integrated Solid State Hydrogen Separator and Compressor Development Support
DOE/Department of Energy/Fuelcell Energy Inc., $205,593, 9/12-9/14

Sugai, G., Educational Psychology
Preparing Effective Personnel for Infants and Young Children with Disabilities: The Foundation of Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems
ED/Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services/UConn Health Center, $143,266, 1/13-12/17

Suib, S., Chemistry
Porous Transition Metal Oxides: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity
DOE/Department of Energy, $435,000, 12/12-11/14

Tehranipoor, M., Electrical & Computer Engineering
A Multi-Level Test Approach for Improving Reliability and Performance of Nanometer Technology Designs
NSF/CISE, $162,000, 4/13-3/16

Teitelbaum, J., College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Office – Dean Office
CIGNA/UConn Business Analytics Research
Cigna Corp., $65,000, 1/13-7/13

Whitney, M., Marine Sciences
Sea Breezes and Estuary-Shelf Response in Areas with Spatial Sea Surface Temperature Variability and Complex Coastal Geometry
NASA/National Aeronautics & Space Administration, $432,610, 1/13-1/16