Dental Care Leads to Free Breast Cancer Screening

The Screening with a Smile program offers mammograms to underserved women seeking dental care at the Health Center.

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“Screening with a Smile” is a program taking place at the UConn Health Center and is being funded by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. Underserved and high-risk women seeking dental care through UConn’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry program (AEGD) are being recruited, educated, counseled, and offered a free mammogram.

According to a Komen Foundation report, several of the centers which refer patients to our dental clinic are located in towns with high late-stage breast cancer diagnosis rates and high breast cancer mortality rates. The Screening with a Smile program attempts to capture these unscreened women as they and their family members seek dental care at the Health Center.

Dr. Alex Merkulov, radiologist and the head of Women’s Imaging, is interviewed on NBC Connecticut about the program.

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