How Well Do You Know the UConn Story?

Test your knowledge of Husky history this holiday. Answers after the first of the year.

Test your knowledge of Husky history this holiday. Then check for answers after the first of the year.

Q: In 2016, UConn’s Stamford campus will add student housing for the first time. But it won’t be the first campus outside Storrs to include residences for students. Which campus came before it?

1. UConn Health Center
2. Avery Point
3. Fort Trumbull
4. The Depot Campus

Q: What campus building is named for an English professor who never taught a class at UConn?

1. Wilbur Cross
2. D.C. Phillips
3. John Graham Mellor
4. A.B. Bronwell

Q: In 1893, the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation allowing for the admission of women as students at what was then the Storrs Agricultural College. What year did the first women graduate from what is now UConn?

1. 1893
2. 1897
3. 1894
4. 1890

The first women's basketball team.

Q: What was the win-loss record for the UConn women’s basketball team’s very first season?

1. 1-5
2. 10-3
3. 0-1
4. 2-0

Q: A UConn alum is currently the leader of which minor United States political party?

1. Prohibition Party
2. American Conservative Party
3. Party for Socialism and Liberation
4. Communist Party USA

Q: Until the end of the 1960s, what were members of the UConn freshman class required to wear during Orientation Week?

1. Blue and white articles of clothing.
2. Shirts emblazoned with the letter ‘F,’ for “freshman.”
3. Beanies.
4. Roller skates.

On campus clean up following the hurricane of 1938 (Photo courtesy of the Dodd Center archives)

Q: Two days before classes started in September 1938, the devastating East Coast hurricane blew through campus, knocking out power, drenching students, and uprooting trees like the ones that used to be located on what’s now called the Great Lawn. How many trees on campus were lost in that storm?

1. 187
2. 5,823
3. 10
4. 1,721

Q: Speaking of emergencies, the Storrs campus has convenient “blue light” call boxes strategically placed to allow members of the public to contact emergency services immediately and, if necessary, also to broadcast messages. There is one “blue light” for every year UConn has been open, plus 149 more. Quick! How many lights is that?

1. 249
2. 281
3. 300
4. 193

Q: Starting from its 1881 founding, the Storrs Agricultural School required students to do what activity every day?

1. Homework
2. Milk cows in the barns on Horsebarn Hill
3. Attend religious services
4. Sing the school’s fight song

Q: The first-ever graduating class from the school that became UConn had six members; some of them went on to finish high school. One hundred and thirty-two years later, how many degrees were awarded to UConn students in May?

1. 1,881
2. 7,979
3. 5,635
4. 10,013