Powerful Aging Turns 15

Powerful Aging is a unique exercise program specifically geared to those 50 and above. The program, based at UConn Health, has a loyal group of participants, some who’ve been with the program since it began 15 years ago.

The goals of the program are relatively simple: Improve your strength, endurance, balance and sense of well-being. The program is based on more than a decade of research and training involving older adults at the UConn Center on Aging.

Powerful Aging instructor Mary Root is a certified personal trainer and has many years of experience as an older adult fitness instructor. She specializes in adults with arthritis, osteoporosis, stability and coordination problems.

UConn Health talked with Root and some of the women who are celebrating 15 years with the program to find out why they keep coming back.

For more information about the Powerful Aging program, call 800-535-6232 or visit the Powerful Aging website.

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