#MyTopCollege – A Chance to Show Your UConn Pride


For Kate (@KateCupcakes), UConn is her top college because “it helped me become a better person by being able to help others.” For Zak (@ZakBlack21), UConn is tops because it’s where “I made more friends in 2 days of orientation than I did in 4 years of high school.” Perhaps Emily Walters (@EmilyCWalters) puts it most succinctly: “UConn is home.”
tweet04All three of those heartfelt testimonies are among numerous paeans to UConn posted to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in recent days by students and alumni as part of Forbes Magazine’s new #MyTopCollege media campaign.
Every year, the publication ranks American colleges by graduation rate, student debt, student satisfaction, and post-graduate success, but with #MyTopCollege, Forbes is giving those who know each college best a chance to have their individual voices heard.

Forbes is scanning Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for uses of the #MyTopCollege hashtag in which social media users explain why their schools are special, although the testimonies won’t affect the magazine’s traditional college rankings.

Instead, #MyTopCollege is “all about showcasing real students’ views and news of what makes their university #MyTopCollege,” explained Forbes higher education reporter Paige Carlotti.

The campaign runs until Wednesday, July 30, which is when Forbes’ college rankings will be released. UConn students, faculty, staff, and alumni who want to let Forbes and the world know why UConn is first in their hearts can simply post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #MyTopCollege and including Forbes’ handle, @Forbes. Whether it’s a photo of sunrise over Horsebarn Hill or a shoutout to a great professor, #MyTopCollege is a great way to summarize what makes UConn so special for a huge audience.

“It’s exciting to see Forbes embrace user-generated content and give our students and alumni the chance to tell the world why UConn is a top college,” said Alexa Biron, social media and special projects manager at UConn. “They are posting about the wonderful people and experiences that aren’t captured by traditional college rankings.”