Julianne Norton

Was there a defining moment during your time at UConn?

My most defining moment at UConn was the first time I stepped on stage with my improv comedy group. I was quite literally shaking. I never would have guessed at the time that I would eventually overcome my stage fright and go on to perform in Manhattan, take on leadership roles, and make the best friends of my life.

Describe someone you’ve met here who has already impacted your future.

Jill Deans! She is the director of the Office of National Scholarships at UConn and my biggest hero, the most beautiful and down-to-earth lady I have ever met. She mentored me as a Holster Scholar in my freshman year, and has advocated for me ever since. Everything I look forward to next year is because of her support. But I wish I could also list the dozens of other faculty who have reached out to me in so many ways.

As a UConn IDEA Grant recipient, what project did you pursue?

My IDEA grant project is tied in with my honors thesis and covers the first chapter of my graphic novel. I also produced a series of paintings and drawings to exhibit in a solo show alongside the novel.

Where are you headed after graduation?

I was fortunate enough to receive a Mitchell Scholarship to pursue an M.A. in writing next year at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I will spend the year working on my graphic novel project based on my post-memory research.

What will you miss most about UConn?

I will miss the inclusivity of UConn. As an individualized major in international relations, I was able to take classes in any subject I desired, including tons of studio art courses besides the standard history and political science classes. I was always treated warmly and given plenty of personal attention, not just from faculty, but also from the administration. The people here make a huge school feel like a home.