The Power of Possible

Student-athlete Ryan Radue ’15 (BUS) survived cancer and was able to graduate after receiving treatment at UConn Health.
A dynamic new advertising campaign to share cutting-edge medical advances at UConn Health that promote citizens' health launches this week. Student-athlete Ryan Radue ’15 (BUS) survived cancer and was able to graduate after receiving treatment at UConn Health.

“The Power of Possible,” a dynamic new advertising campaign to share cutting-edge advances at Connecticut’s only public academic medical center that benefit citizens’ health in the state and around the world, launches this week.

Graphic 1 We Believe in PossibleThe campaign, which will continue for several years, will be unveiled the evening of Aug. 5, with television commercials running during the opening ceremonies for the world’s most highly anticipated sporting event – the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

“This campaign reintroduces UConn Health to Connecticut,” says Chris Hyers, chief communication officer for UConn Health. “We aim to create greater awareness of our research, teaching, and clinical care excellence by showcasing the power and unique role of the state’s academic medical center.”

The campaign demonstrates how UConn Health and its cadre of physician-educator-scientists reach further, push the boundaries of medicine, and even look beyond the hospital and the laboratory walls, refusing to give up in their search for possible cures that patients need today and tomorrow.

This summer’s television commercials, the first phase of the new comprehensive advertising campaign, will run through the fall. The advertisements spotlight a few of UConn Health’s many research discoveries, demonstrating the true power of an academic medical center and its novel solutions to health care’s challenges.

In addition to TV commercials, the campaign will also play out in print advertising, outdoor billboards, radio, and digital advertising, including the web and social media.

“We will be hard to miss,” adds Hyers. “We are at an important point in UConn Health’s history. People will be amazed, impressed, and proud when they begin to understand more about all we do.”

UConn Health’s investment for this advertising campaign over the next few years aligns closely with and supports the goals of Bioscience Connecticut, a major investment across the state with the mission to increase patients’ access to world-class medicine and develop the state into a leader in innovative biomedical research.

UConn Health is at the heart of Bioscience Connecticut. Already, the initiative has led to the opening of a new, state-of-the-art patient care tower at the UConn John Dempsey Hospital; the renovation and updating of academic and research laboratory space; the expansion of incubator space for new bioscience business start-ups; and a unique research partnership between UConn Health and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine on the Farmington campus, accelerating personalized genomics, translational research, and the bioscience industry.

Local footage for the commercials was filmed at UConn Health, with the support of dozens of volunteers, along with construction and operation teams that transformed the new University Tower at UConn John Dempsey Hospital into a realistic film set months before it was ready for patients.

Says Hyers, “It was very important we give everyone the chance to look at the real us, and to see our campus transformation first-hand for themselves.”

Watch one of “The Power of Possible” commercials: