Embrace Opportunity: A Day in the Life of Bridget Oei ’18

For researcher and dancer Bridget Oei '18 (CLAS), UConn offers a perfect mix of possibilities.

Bridget Oei performs an experiment with classmates in a chemistry lab. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

From the lab to the stage, for a student like Bridget Oei '18 (CLAS), UConn offers a perfect mix of possibilities. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Bridget Oei ’18 (CLAS)
Major: Environmental Science 

For a student like Bridget Oei, UConn offers a perfect mix of possibilities. Before college, the Honors student, Stamps Scholar, and University Scholar competed in science fairs and Irish step dancing, advancing to several international competitions, while also studying music and other forms of dance.

Get involved as early as possible, preferably in something you know nothing about. When you try something new, you will not only open up your areas of expertise, you will gain a new perspective. — Bridget Oei '18 (CLAS)

Early in Oei’s freshman year, she heard President Susan Herbst express her pride in UConn’s research focus. Oei knew then she was at the right school. She was soon awarded a Holster grant to continue research on a medical device that powers pacemakers using energy from human breath – a project that garnered her second prize in her category at the International Science and Engineering Fair. “I loved that UConn believed in me and thought my crazy idea was worth investing in,” she says. She is now working toward a patent for the device.

This past summer, Oei traveled with a UConn group to the Dominican Republic on a medical service trip. She is a dancer and choreographer with student organization UConn Dance Company.

“I love UConn,” she says. “There are so many opportunities and resources to take advantage of.”