Talking Politics with Roll Call Columnist Stu Rothenberg ’77 Ph.D.

The respected commentator surveys the current political scene in Washington.

Stuart Rothenberg '77 Ph.D. during a 2011 visit to UConn.

Stuart Rothenberg '77 Ph.D. during a 2011 visit to UConn (UConn Photo).

After earning his doctoral degree in political science at UConn and then teaching at Bucknell University and the Catholic University of America, Stu Rothenberg ’77 Ph.D. established a reputation as one of the most respected political analysts in Washington through his non-partisan political newsletter, The Rothenberg Political Report.

Today he is senior editor at Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales and a columnist for the Congressional newsletter Roll Call, as well as a frequent analyst for the PBS Newshour and other broadcast media.

He spoke with UConn 360 about presidential election politics and the political environment in Washington following the election of President Joe Biden:

Listen to the interview here