Podcast: COVID and Older Adults‘ Resiliency

UConn Health's psychiatry chair and a medical student who's studying how older adults are handling the pandemic with him share their observations, which may surprise you.

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A lot of the studies coming out show that older people are really handling this much better than thought, and that the we’re not seeing these increased rates of depression, anxiety and, frankly, suicidal thinking that we were really worried about when this pandemic hit. — Dr. David Steffens

Between the isolation and concerns over the risk of severe illness, how has our way of life with COVID-19 been affecting older adults? Dr. David Steffens, geriatric psychiatrist and chair of the UConn Health Department of Psychiatry, and Tia Kozar, a second-year medical student who’s been studying mental health in older adults, discuss what they’ve observed, and it may surprise you.

COVID and Older Adults‘ Resiliency