Podcast: Best Ways to Treat the Feet

Dr. Lauren Geaney, UConn Health foot and ankle surgeon, explains some of the newest, minimally invasive ways to treat common and complex foot problems.

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The idea is not that the surgery is any different, in the sense that to correct a bunion you still have to shift bones over, but doing it through smaller incisions with smaller tools, with the hopes that may be things like wound complications or pain after surgery or swelling after surgery may be minimized. — Dr. Lauren Geaney on minimally invasive surgery

A lot can go wrong with our feet and ankles, and orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Lauren Geaney are keeping up with the latest treatment approaches, including minimally invasive surgery. In the latest UConn Health Pulse podcast, she elaborates on the range of foot and ankle problems and the advantages of some of the newer ways to treat them. Additionally, Geaney gives an update on UConn’s orthopedic surgery residency — a program she completed and now directs — including the continued efforts to address a historic gender gap and new plans for an additional level of training for aspiring orthopedic surgeons.

Best Ways to Treat the Feet