Simply the Best Feeling: UConn Health Enables Dad to Dance at Daughter’s Wedding

'It makes you feel good that you're really able to help'

'It makes you feel good that you're really able to help' ()

When Dariusz Narowski of Higganum was advised by his doctor he’d need to undergo a surgical procedure to address heart troubles that had left him short of breath and unable to exercise, he hesitated for only one reason: he didn’t want to miss his daughter’s wedding.

“I think the exact words my dad said to Dr. Robinson were, ‘I’m only doing this if I can dance at my daughter’s wedding,'” says Gabriela Narowska.

“Dr. Robinson” is Dr. Peter Robinson, of UConn Health’s Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center, who diagnosed a narrowing in one of Dariusz’s arteries and put in a stent to relieve it.

“After he did the stent for me, one week later I feel better and better and better, and I said ‘Hey, maybe we can do this,'” Dariusz remembers.

And they did: After Gabriela said “I do” last June, she and her father cut a rug to Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best,” with Dariusz gliding and spinning around the dancefloor, any signs of a recent heart procedure invisible to the guests at the wedding.

“It makes you feel good that you’re really able to help,” Dr. Robinson says.