Aidan Chariton ’22, College of Agriculture, Health & Natural Resources

Aidan Chariton reflects on his time at UConn

Aidan Chariton '22 (CAHNR) stands along Fairfield Way

Aidan Chariton '22 (CAHNR) stands along Fairfield Way on April 5, 2022. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Aidan Chariton ’22 (CAHNR) has spent the better part of the last year aiming to help people live their best lives via his blog, “Shortcut U.”
On it, the Walpole, Massachusetts, native aims to give readers an introduction to the “best books, podcasts, and resources” he’s come across as both they and he “explore all of the hobbies, ideas, questions, and fields that your heart desires.”

Many of his topics center on wellness and healthy living. As an allied health sciences major, that makes sense. But he’s also passionate about UConn ROTC and how it’s prepared him for leadership in life after graduation, along with coffee, the entrepreneurial spirit, and what he calls the “Western World’s Fairtytale Façade.”

What’s your major and why did you choose it?

When I was applying to colleges in high school, I was confident that I wanted to move toward a career in health care, but I did not yet know if I wanted to work toward becoming a strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist, physician assistant, doctor, etc. For this reason, I became an allied health sciences major, which gave me the flexibility to pursue any career in health care.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on commissioning into the Army National Guard and either attending medical school (pending acceptance) or working as a medical assistant or EMT in preparation for the next medical school application cycle. I also plan on continuing to work on my blog, Shortcut U.

What activities were you involved with as a student?

As a UConn student, I participated in the UConn Army ROTC program and competed with UConn Club Ultimate for several years; additionally, I trained with the UConn boxing team in my last semester.

Any advice for incoming first-year students?

I advise incoming freshman to be the person who says, “Hi,” first. Whether it be in the dining hall, at the Rec Center, or in class, everybody is looking for new friends, and you don’t want to miss out on a great one because you were too scared to introduce yourself.

What’s one thing every student should do during their time at UConn?

Every student should watch the sunset and sunrise from atop Horsebarn Hill at least once. They should also indulge in Northwest Dining Hall’s sweet and sour chicken.

Who was your favorite professor and why?

Master Sgt. Mason, one of my military science instructors, sits at the top of my professor list because he led by example, was just crazy enough, and showed me the impact a great leader can have.

What’s one thing that will always make you think of UConn?
Every time that I hear, “Wolfpack!” — the UConn Army ROTC slogan — I will think of UConn.