Richard Kirby ’22, School of Law

Richard Kirby reflects on his time at UConn

Richard Kirby '22 JD outside the Law School in Hartford

Richard Kirby '22 JD at the Law School in Hartford on April 12, 2022. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Nearly a decade ago, Richard Kirby ’22 JD tickled the ivories at Torrington Christian Academy as a piano accompanist with its choir.

A few years later, he passed on his musical knowledge as a piano teacher and used his gift as a music director at the Valley Community Baptist Church in Simsbury.

And even though his eventual career path took a right turn into the UConn School of Law, Kirby, a Maryland native, still is making music, including an April gig at The Half Door in Hartford, and hopes to one day use his law degree to advocate for artists.

Why did you choose UConn?
UConn was my first and only choice — I was drawn to UConn because of the strong reputation of its evening program (I had originally planned to work full-time while in law school).

What are your plans after graduation?
I will be starting at a medical malpractice firm here in Hartford.

What activities were you involved with as a student?
I was involved with Connecticut Journal of International Law, Diversity Alliance, and Leadership Fellows while at UConn Law.

What’s one thing that surprised you about UConn?
I was surprised at how deep the UConn alumni network is in Connecticut.

Any advice for incoming first-year students?
Try to maintain a healthy balance and maintain perspective. Some of the most meaningful things you will do in life will not appear on your resume.

What’s one thing every student should do during their time at UConn?
Go to a UConn game against a Big East rival.

Who was your favorite professor and why?
My favorite professor is probably Professor MacDougald. He taught Con Law with such enthusiasm and command of the material — it was so easy to engage in his class.