Podcast: What if Your Surgeon Had X-Ray Vision?

Dr. Isaac Moss, who recently performed the first augmented reality spine surgery in central Connecticut, explains this high-tech "see-through" surgery.

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Spine surgeons at UConn Health are using augmented reality to complete procedures with a new level of accuracy, safety, and efficiency. It provides real-time 3D imaging of the anatomy and projects it within the surgeon’s field of vision, essentially enabling X-ray vision during the procedure.

We have the biggest augmented reality program in the world right now.” — Dr. Isaac Moss

Dr. Isaac Moss, chair of the UConn Health Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and co-director of its Comprehensive Spine Center, explains this “see-through” surgery in the latest UConn Health Pulse podcast.

What if Your Surgeon Had X-Ray Vision?

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