Podcast: Back to School, 2022

UConn Health’s Dr. Erica Waddington offers tips and observations based on her experience as a family medicine physician who sees both students and parents, often from the same household.

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Family medicine physicians see patients of all ages, including children who are dealing with returning to school and the parents who worry about them. It’s not unusual for both parent and student to have the same doctor.

I really think this year, things are going to be a little more of what we’re used to. And in the end that’s gonna help kids sort of settle back in, maybe not be as anxious, not be as worried. — Dr. Erica Waddington

In the latest “UConn Health Pulse” podcast, Dr. Erica Waddington, who sees patients at UConn Health’s family medicine practice in Canton, discusses common questions she gets from her families and shares some advice on getting a healthy start to the school year, including:

  • The latest recommendations on COVID-19 prevention
  • Preparing for fall sports
  • Exercise, even for those not involved in organized sports
  • The difference good sleep habits can make
  • Setting limits on screen time
  • The flu shot
  • Reason for hope with anxiety and mood disorders
  • Reminder that the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 25

Back to School ’22