Podcast: Breaking Down Health Barriers With Urban Service

Hear from three students who canvassed Hartford neighborhoods in the name of preventive medicine

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I think that’s one really important aspect of this door-to-door vaccination campaign, is that we’re practicing community-based based care. — Julia Levin

Three UConn Health students who spent part of their summer going door-to-door in Hartford neighborhoods to discuss preventive medicine and offer COVID-19 vaccinations — share their experience.

In a manner of speaking, we’re transplants in a community, so we rely on the community to educate us on how to help them. — Brian Liang

Brian Liang (fourth-year UConn medical student and master of public health candidate), Eddyson Altidor (second-year UConn dental student), and Julia Levin (first-year UConn medical student), also discuss how their involvement in the Connecticut Area Health Education Center and its Urban Service Track will prepare them for their careers in medicine and dental medicine.

I would say there’s no other way to do it.
— Eddyson Altidor

Breaking Down Health Barriers With Urban Service