Julia Gintof ’23, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Julia Gintof reflects on her time at UConn

Portrait of Julia Gintof

Portrait of Julia Gintof, taken April 6, 2023. (Sydney Herdle/UConn Photo)

UConn and high-level collegiate sports are practically synonymous, which was perfect for Julia Gintof. Gintof’s passion for sports journalism has seen her playing positions at ESPN, UConn Football, Hartford Athletic, and UCTV, where she served as assistant sports director. The experiences she’s had, from sideline reporting to video production, will serve her well as she pursues a career in sports media, but even for students who don’t share her love for athletic competition, she has words of sage advice: don’t miss the opportunity to watch a game at Gampel Pavilion.


Why did you choose to go to UConn?

As someone with a passion for pursuing a career in sports media, I knew I wanted to go to a school that could provide high-level opportunities in athletics. With so many championship programs and top-notch facilities as well as an incredible gameday atmosphere, UConn was really a no-brainer.

What drew you to your field of study? 

I love to tell stories, particularly through a visual medium. Studying both journalism and communication has helped me advance my skills in speaking, writing, understanding relationships, and presenting material to better convey meaning.

What activities were you involved in as a student? 

UConn Student Television (UCTV), UConn Football, and UConn Athletics.

What’s one thing that surprised you about UConn? 

The resources and opportunities that I was able to take advantage of during my time here surprised me, including the ability to work with high-level equipment, travel for football and basketball games, and work alongside professional journalists and videographers.

What are your plans after graduation/receiving your degree? 

I plan to continue my internship with Hartford Athletic and pursue a full-time career in sports media.

How has UConn prepared you for the next chapter in life? 

My experiences at UConn helped me land an internship at ESPN where I was able to advance my knowledge of the sports industry tenfold. I feel prepared to take on new challenges and plan to use the skills that I’ve learned as I move on to professional opportunities.

Any advice for incoming students? 

Get involved early! Clubs and internships are a great place to meet like-minded people. Some of my best friends at UConn came from this.

What’s one thing everyone should do during their time at UConn? 

Everyone needs the experience of attending a basketball game at Gampel — even if you’re not a basketball fan.

What will always make you think of UConn? 

My media credential collection from all the places I have traveled covering UConn Athletics.

How has being a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences impacted your UConn experience?  

I’ve been able to explore a variety of different studies, challenging my own perspective on multiple concepts.