Maxine Collins ’23, School of Nursing

Maxine Collins reflects on her time at UConn

Portrait of Maxine Collins

Portrait of Maxine Collins, taken on April 13, 2023. (Sydney Herdle/UConn Photo)

If you think senior year of college is too late to try something different, you should try talking to Maxine Collins. It was in the Fall of 2022 that Collins – amidst a busy undergraduate schedule of coursework and studying – signed up for club track and field. It’s a good reminder of the countless opportunities that UConn has on offer – opportunities that, in Collins’ case, included valuable experience in Urban Service Track as she pursues her dream of becoming a nurse. That dream will be fulfilled after graduation, when she starts in the intensive care unit at UConn Health, a testament to the value of deciding never to stop running forward in life.


Why did you choose UConn?

I chose UConn because of the school spirit and nursing program. My high school did not have a lot of school spirit, and I found the enthusiasm at UConn very welcoming. The nursing program at UConn is highly ranked and provides a variety of nursing experiences for students.

What’s your major/field of study, and what drew you to it?

I am a nursing major! I was drawn to nursing from a young age because my mom is a nurse, and I always enjoyed hearing about her experiences. After volunteering at a hospital throughout high school, I decided that I wanted to be part of a profession with so much opportunity, versatility, and impact.

Did you have a favorite professor or class?

Dr. Louise Reagan is my favorite professor I have had at UConn! Although she never taught any of my lecture courses, she has been an amazing mentor for me since I received my acceptance into the nursing program.

What activities were you involved in as a student?

While at UConn I was involved in Urban Service Track and more recently, club track and field. Through Urban Service Track, I have been able to work directly with the Hartford community through health clinics, home care visits, and interprofessional learning. This program has helped me enhance the work I do interprofessionally in the hospital as well as in the community. In Fall 2022 (my second to last semester), I decided to join club track and field because I enjoyed track in the past and wanted to find something besides studying to focus on. Although my schedule doesn’t always allow me to attend practice as often as I would like, it is rewarding every time.

What are your plans after graduation/receiving your degree?

After graduation, I will be working at UConn Health as a nurse in the intensive care unit! I hope to continue doing work in the community as well.

How has UConn prepared you for the next chapter in life?

Through UConn, I have been able to try different types of nursing. I did cardiovascular research at NYU, vaccinated families in Hartford, completed home visits, and worked in the ICU. All these things will be beneficial as I begin my career. Additionally, friendship is very important to me, and being at UConn has allowed me to make lifelong friends.

What will always make you think of UConn?

Rainy Tuesdays and huskies will always remind me of UConn.