Clean Energy & Sustainability Innovation Program Submission Finalists

The Clean Energy & Sustainability Innovation Program submission finalists have been announced

A fall morning aerial view of the Wilbur Cross Building on Oct. 18, 2021.

(Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Project: Comparing GHG emissions between the UConn microgrid and the Eversource grid, load shaping and demand management
Students: Malachi Denton, Malik Francis, Kevon Rattigan-

Project: Social and technical remedies for sustainable UConn using renewable energy sources
Students: Hasan Nikkhah, Francesco Rouhana, Dev Barochia

Project: Transitioning short and long term plans using optimal installations to significantly increase power production.
Students: Austin Gelinas, Pranavi Rebala

Project: Thin film solar panels or solar shingles as an alternative for rooftop.
Students: Kevin Howson, Jacob Hyler, Julie Sandberg

Project: Developing an intelligent energy management system.
Students: Anietie Williams, Faith Wariri

Project: A Real-time Behind the Meter PV Generation Forecasting System.
Students: Kexin Song, Haoyi Wang, Paul Zambrzycki