UConn Health and JAX partner in Connecticut to Improve the Lives of those Impacted by Endometriosis

UConn Health and JAX are partners committed to improving the lives of those impacted by endometriosis.

Dr. Danielle Luciano

One of UConn Health's many 'Top Doctors' Danielle Luciano, MD, performing minimally invasive endometriosis surgery at UConn John Dempsey Hospital (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Danielle Luciano, M.D., director for the Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery at UConn Health (which is an endometriosis reference center and recognized leader in women’s health), and Elise Courtois, Ph.D., an endometriosis researcher and director of Single Cell Biology at JAX have partnered to understanding endometriosis.  Luciano and Courtois have joined forces with Connecticut state Rep. Jillian Gilchrest and are part of the Endometriosis Working Group established last year to increase awareness of endometriosis and expand access to care. This group’s priorities include creating an endometriosis data and biorepository program – the first public, multi-institution biorepository of its kind – and facilitating endometriosis education training for school nurses.

The endometriosis data and biorepository program is the nation’s first public, multi-institution biorepository. The ultimate goal is to improve awareness of and health outcomes for this highly invasive, underdiagnosed, and under researched condition in Connecticut while driving research breakthroughs for individuals impacted by endometriosis across the nation and beyond. Read the full plan here.