Hospital OB/GYN Residents from Across the State Gather at UConn to Share Their Research Findings

On September 28 UConn Health and its UConn School of Medicine hosted the 11th Annual State of Connecticut Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents’ Research Day.

Fourth-year UConn OB/GYN resident Dr. Britton Gibson wants to protect more women from from harmful infectious diseases. She presented her research project at the 11th Annual State of Connecticut Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents’ Research Day. on Sept. 28, 2023.

Doctors training to be OB/GYN generalists and specialists gathered at UConn School of Medicine’s state-of-the art, team-based learning Academic Rotunda and its classrooms to share their latest research findings and knowledge with colleagues in the field through interesting OB/GYN patient case reports and research project posters.

One of UConn’s fourth-year OB/GYN surgery residents Dr. Chioma Ogbejesi, 32 of West Haven, Connecticut presented and discussed several of her surgical research case reports to her colleagues from across the state.

“It’s great to see our hospitals gathering together and to learn about each other’s research,” said Ogbejesi. “It’s very useful to learn from other OB/GYNs who have gone thru the same training trajectory.”

Fellow UConn fourth-year OB/GYN resident Dr. Natali Senocak, 32, originally from Turkey agrees.

Fourth-year UConn OB/GYN resident Dr. Chioma Ogbejesi discussing her research with experts from Yale and other hospitals in the state on Sept. 28.

“This event is really nice knowledge sharing,” says Senocak who presented her research project on the importance of residents being equipped with the latest knowledge on emergency contraception in the postpartum setting especially for their patient prescribing needs.

“I’m interested in postpartum contraception so it was great to identify an interventional need and develop a research project for it,” Senocak shared.

Senocak has really enjoyed her UConn OB/GYN residency experience and plans to be an OB/GYN generalist practitioner.

“UConn residency is amazing,” Senocak added. “We’re lucky to receive a lot of great training.”

Also in her last year of UConn OB/GYN residency is Dr. Britton Gibson, 35, originally from Detroit. She’s spent the last thirteen years in Connecticut training to be a doctor and a future OB/GYN. She presented her research projects about the importance of protecting women from HIV infection with the use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

“This event really captures the OB/GYN care experience of Connecticut hospitals. It’s so nice to see what other programs are doing,” says Gibson who likes that in addition to busy clinical care responsibilities of residency training there are a lot of academic project opportunities like this research day too.

UConn fourth-year OB/GYN resident Dr. Natali Senocak presenting her research on postpartum contraception.

After UConn, Gibson is looking forward to starting a new fellowship in reproductive infectious disease at the Medical

University of South Carolina where she will be an OB/GYN generalist focusing on protecting and treating women from infectious diseases like HIV.

Residents also presented from the OB/GYN programs of Bridgeport Hospital, Danbury Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Stamford Hospital, and Yale-New Haven Medical Center.

The keynote speaker of the event for the future generation of OB/GYNs was award-winning educator and clinician scientist, Dr. Courtney Townsel, a tenure track assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Maryland who also serves as the Director of Perinatal Research for the division.

Funding for this annual event was graciously shared by The UConn Foundation, UConn Graduate Medical Education, Hartford Hospital and The Hospital of Central Connecticut Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The event was hosted by UConn’s OB/GYN Department Chair Dr. Molly Brewer and Residency Program Director Dr. Amy Johnson. The residents were also joined at the event by many of their OB/GYN residency programs’ chairs, residency program managers, program directors and faculty who reviewed the research abstracts and final research projects.

View the event’s program.