CAHNR Celebrates Record-Setting Year in Research Success

The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources celebrated faculty and staff who contributed to the College's record-breaking grant success

Event welcome sign

CAHNR Grant Success Celebration. (Jason Sheldon/UConn Photo)

The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR) recently held an event recognizing grant success in 2023. The gathering was hosted and organized by CAHNR’s associate dean for research and graduate education, Kumar Venkitanarayanan and his office.

In fiscal year 2023, CAHNR faculty received the most research funding in the College’s history with a total of $41.5 million in new awards. This builds on five years of growth, during which period both extramural funding more than doubled ($20.7 million in 2019). CAHNR expenditures were also the highest in the last five years, totaling almost $32.9 million.

“As scientists, we all like data. Of course, statistical trends are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. These data could never capture the collective brain power, hard work, and impact of the people behind the numbers, our researchers,” says Indrajeet Chaubey, dean and director of CAHNR.  “Thanks to their hard work, our College continues to exceed expectations related to new awards, as well as driving innovation for residents of our state and beyond.”

Vice Provost for Health Sciences Amy Gorin, Chief of Staff Michelle Williams, and Associate Vice President for Research Development Lindsay DiStefano joined the event to celebrate CAHNR faculty success.

“Thank you all for your efforts expanding knowledge, sharing discoveries, and ultimately improving the lives of those in Connecticut, the United States, and around the globe,” says Michelle Williams. “Congratulations to you all for being a part of a stellar year in CAHNR – and UConn – research and scholarship!”


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