Director, Office of Communications

Jessica McBride, PhD

Dr. Jessica McBride is the Director of the Office of Communications at UConn's College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. She is responsible for developing and implementing communications and marketing strategies to highlight the College's unique research strengths, outstanding academic offerings, and extensive community impact. An alum, Jessica earned her Ph.D. from UConn in 2017.

Author Archive

Smiling woman

CAHNR Alum Kira Dineen Shares Wonders of Genetics Through Podcasting

Launched in 2012 when Dineen was still in high school, DNA Today has won the Best Science and Medicine Podcast in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards three times

Asian man poses with hydroponic technology called GREENBOX

UConn Researcher Invents ‘Plant Factory’ for Urban Agriculture

GREENBOX can grow high-quality food in existing indoor urban spaces and meet the need for local, sustainable food

An athletic trainer attends to an injured football player. (Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It’s Time to Save All Athletes: Korey Stringer Institute on Player Safety after Damar Hamlin Emergency

On-site athletic trainers, emergency action plans, and other life-saving resources are needed to keep athletes safe

A pair of hands at work in the cheese making process.

Protective Bacterial Cultures Offer Promising Path for Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella in Food

UConn researchers tackle a major challenge in food safety - drug-resistant "superbugs"

Woman checks cannabis plants in greenhouse

Less Space, More Plants: How Retipping Improves Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation

According to a new study from UConn researchers, the novel "retipping" method yields more high quality cannabis plants in less space

Group of students with elderly woman

Barbara Bishop Continues a Legacy of Support with Scholarship Targeting CAHNR Students

Long-time UConn supporter, Bishop's generosity continues to make a UConn education more accessible for students

Hosokawa uses methods she learned at UConn to train members of the Japan Coast Guard and help athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

UConn Magazine: Rescue Mission

Kinesiology alum Yuri Hosokawa ’16 (CAHNR) uses methods she learned at UConn to train the Japan Coast Guard.

Young Building in the snow

CAHNR Celebrates a Year of Research Success

The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources celebrated faculty and staff who contributed to the College's record-breaking research success

woman carrying a box of banas

Study Provides Insight on Mobile Food Pantries, Charitable Food System

A UConn research team looked at how mobile food pantries help address food insecurity for families with children during the pandemic and beyond

aerial photo of Horsebarn Hill

CAHNR Recognizes Student Success and Dedicated Donors at Annual Celebration

The College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources celebrated student scholars and the donors who supported their studies at an annual event