Director, Office of Communications

Jessica McBride, PhD

Dr. Jessica McBride is the Director of the Office of Communications at UConn's College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources. She is responsible for developing and implementing communications and marketing strategies to highlight the College's unique research strengths, outstanding academic offerings, and extensive community impact. An alum, Jessica earned her Ph.D. from UConn in 2017.

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New Preventative Treatment for Porcine Virus Could Save Billions for Farmers

Using AI, researchers hunted through millions of compounds to find a specific receptor, CD163, to stop cells from becoming infected

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$5M Grant Uses AI to Track Permafrost Thaw

As part of an international team, UConn remote sensing expert Chandi Witharana helps expand Permafrost Discovery Gateway

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UConn Researcher Gets a Bite of Upcoming Documentary

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