Podcast: BEFAST to Save Brain From Stroke

3 experts from UConn Health's Stroke Center on recognizing, reacting to, treating, and recovering from stroke

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The reason why it’s so important to call 911 and have EMS there is not only do they recognize the symptoms as whether or not it’s a stroke, but also they will call ahead inform the ER nurse, the triage nurse, to activate a stroke alert, as we call it. — Dr. Priya Narwal

The mantra “BEFAST” continues to be a primary education and awareness tool when it comes to recognizing and reacting to stroke.

In the latest UConn Health Pulse podcast,  Dr. Priya Narwal, interim medical director of UConn Health’s Stroke Center, Brooke Medel, stroke nurse navigator, and nurse Kristen Bryant, interim stroke coordinator, explain what goes into providing not only acute care during the medical emergency, but also the longer-term care and support that comes with recovery and rehabilitation.

BEFAST to Save Brain From Stroke