Podcast: Listen to Your Limbs

UConn Health’s Dr. Justin D’Addario discusses measures that can be taken to improve poor circulation and ultimately avoid the need for amputation

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Inadequate blood flow can lead to major health problems, and in some cases, amputation. Early signs of problems like peripheral artery disease or deep vein thrombosis tend to appear in the legs.

When we see a wound on the foot that doesn’t heal, cramping in the calves when you walk or swollen legs, that’s the easiest telltale sign that you should have it looked at. — Dr. Justin D'Addario

Dr. Justin D’Addario, vascular and endovascular surgeon at UConn Health, tells the UConn Health Pulse podcast what to watch for and how he and his colleagues handle disorders related to poor circulation, including limb-preserving interventions like the new DETOUR procedure.

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Listen to Your Limbs