Pride Celebrated at UConn Health

To kick-off Pride Month members of the UConn Health community ceremonially raised the flag on the morning of June 3 with the help of the UConn Fire Department.

The Pride flag was ceremonially raised on June 3 by UConn Health students. Attendees of the special moment (left to right) were Internal Medicine Resident Dr. Nicholas Harriel, CDO Dr. Jeffrey Hines, Dr. Zita Lazzarini, UConn medical students Cailyn Regan, Sarah Hartmann, and Ryan Hannon, UConn Rainbow Center's Ian Shick, and new UConn Health CEO Dr. Andy Agwunobi (UConn Health Photo/Lauren Woods)

UConn Health believes in health care for all and provides equitable and inclusive care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning+ members of our community.

UConn medical students raising the Pride flag. Pictured are Cailyn Regan, Sarah Hartmann, and Ryan Hannon.

Students from Reach Out, a student organization at UConn Health dedicated to LGBTQIA+ awareness, education, and activism in the UConn medical and dental communities, proudly raised the flag. The UConn School of Medicine students were fourth-year medical students Cailyn Regan, Sarah Hartmann, and Ryan Hannon.

Reach Out aims to bring students of any gender or sexual identity together, make an impact through service in the greater Hartford community, and provide education amongst the next generation of clinicians who strive for excellence in well-rounded patient care.

The flag raisers included Deputy Chief Christopher Renshaw, UConn Police Officer Nolan Hurst, the UConn medical students Cailyn Regan, Ryan Hannon, and Sarah Hartmann, and UConn Fire Department Captain Anthony Ruggiero (UConn Health Photo/Lauren Woods).

The students were supported by the newly appointed UConn Health CEO Dr. Andy Agwunobi, Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Jeffrey Hines, and their Reach Out faculty advisor Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH.

Also, in attendance were Internal Medicine Resident Dr. Nicholas Harriel, who will be entering his third year of graduate medical education training (GME) at UConn Health and Ian Shick, assistant director of the Rainbow Center at UConn.

A special thanks to UConn Fire Department’s Captain Anthony Ruggiero and Deputy Chief Christopher Renshaw for their special assistance of the UConn Health students with the flag raising, along with UConn Police Officer Nolan Hurst.

This month UConn Health’s campus is also being illuminated in rainbow.

Pride Lights at UConn Health


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