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Mukund Desibhatla, Victoria Sun and Isaac Faustino pose for portraits.

Class of 2021: CLAS Seniors Share How and Why they Chose Their Major

Choosing what to study is a “major” decision. Several senior students share how they decided the paths they wanted to pursue.

Chloe Murphy and Zhian Xie, graduating students in the class of 2021, pose for portrait photos.

Class of 2021: CLAS Graduates on Finishing School During COVID

Students from the UConn graduating class of 2021 reflect on what they realized while attending university during a pandemic.

Three graduating student portraits. From left: William Aleman, Yasaman Homayouni, and Kristyn Leamon.

Class of 2021: CLAS Students share What – and Who – Inspires Them

Family, faculty, and peer connections are some of the things that motivated the students in the CLAS class of 2021 through an unprecedented year.