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Rebecca “Becca” Rubinstein

UConn Environmental Engineering student wins EPA STAR

Rebecca “Becca” Rubinstein was recently awarded the EPA STAR Fellowship for her research on wastewater treatment with Dr. Ranjan Srivastava. Becca is a PhD student in the UConn Environmental Engineering Program, where her research is focused on understanding and modeling biological wastewater treatment. Nutrients commonly found in wastewater streams, particularly nitrogen species, can seriously damage aquatic ecosystems near the […]

Emily Seelen in Lab

Current NSF Fellow awarded NSF GROW

Emily Seelen was recently funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide program to conduct research with Dr. Erik Björn at Umeå University in Sweden. This opportunity is only available to active awardees of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Emily is currently a PhD student in the UCONN Marine Sciences Department […]

Jorell Meléndez-Badillo: Ph.D. Candidate

Jorell Meléndez-Badillo: Ph.D. Candidate, Recipient of the 2016-2017 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American History, Jorell Meléndez-Badillo is a recent recipient of the 2016-2017 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship. Jorell has previously published books, edited volumes, journal articles, book chapters, and newspaper articles on the topics of labor, anarchism, and radical politics in Puerto Rico. During his tenure he will work under the […]

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.

Privilege is hard to see when you have it, because it often consists of what doesn’t happen to you. On Monday January 11, The Graduate School hosted a salon-style discussion on the topic of white privilege. The event was targeted to UConn staff members who interact regularly with the graduate student population, and it was […]

Professor Hertel: Recipient of 2015 Edward C. Marth Mentorship Award

Edward C. Marth Mentorship Award is given each year to a member of University of Connecticut Graduate Faculty in recognition of outstanding mentoring of graduate students over the past 10 years.  Established by The UConn AAUP, the Marth Award was founded to recognize the leadership and dedication of Edward Marth, former Executive Director of the UConn AAUP Chapter, […]

David Etim: Ph.D. Candidate, Recipient of 2016 NNSA Graduate Fellowship

David Etim, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  Currently a Ph.D. candidate studying in computer science and engineering, David Etim is a recent recipient of the 2016 National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Fellowship.  David has a strong interest in data analytics as well as development of applications that utilize the extraction of […]

2015 APF/COGDOP Scholarship Winner

Lauren Long, Ph.D.Candidate, Department of Psychological Sciences.  Currently a Ph.D candidate studying in vivo hippocampal electrophysiology in behaving rodents, Lauren Long is a recent recipient of the American Psychological Foundation/Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (APF/COGDOP) 2015 scholarship. Lauren has a strong interest in understanding cooperative interactions between groups of neurons and how such interactions […]

November 4th: Lessons Learned With Dr. Jeffrey Shoulson

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Each month faculty and staff members are invited to give an interactive lecture on “lessons learned” during their journey in and outside of academia. At the conclusion of the lecture graduate students engage faculty in an informal question and answer session. Please bring your snack, a friend and plenty of questions. […]

Postdoc wins prestigious NIH NRSA F32 award

Virginia Hawkins, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Physiology and Neurobiology. As a post-doctoral scientist my research focuses on neuron-glial interactions involved in one of the most fundamental processes to life; breathing. Central chemoreception is the mechanism by which the brain controls breathing. Despite its importance, the cellular and molecular basis for chemoreception and its role […]

Fulbright Grant Recipients: Tanisha Williams

The recipient of a Fulbright Research Grant to South Africa, Tanisha Williams (Ph.D Candidate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), focuses her research on the relationship between plant functional traits and their environments to assess how variation in phenotype will determine adaptability to changing climates in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR). In addition, Williams will volunteer with […]