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A young pig about to receive an injection. (iStock Photo)

UConn Professor Calls for Limiting Antibiotic Use in Farm Animals

A UConn professor discusses efforts by a national pharmacists group to curtail the use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals in light of growing antibiotic resistance.


How a Small Town Became the Capital of HIV in America

Broadway World

Keith Lockhart Discusses UConn

A child reading. (iStock Photo)

Pilot Reading Initiative Shows Dramatic Results

The CT K-3 Reading Model, led by UConn professors, more than doubled the number of students meeting grade-level literacy goals over four years.

Marisa Auguste with a traffic safety sign on April 8, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Distracted Driving a Crash Test in Behavior Modification

A UConn behavioral analyst says the majority of vehicle crashes are caused by human error. She hopes her research will ultimately help modify drivers' risk-taking behavior.

Three apprentices working with engineer on CNC machinery. (iStock Photo)

Stronger Business Collaborations Key to Career Education’s Future Success

Stronger business collaborations are key to career education's future success, according to a Manhattan Institute report authored by a UConn professor.

University Herald

Stanford Study Reveals Larger Marine Animals’ Extinction Risk May Be Caused By Humans

American Pharmacists Association

New website connects mental health patients and pharmacists

Music and the brain. (Christa Tubach/UConn Image)

Music and the Mind

UConn researchers are using fMRI technology to explore the hypothesis that music speaks to the brain in a language all its own.

Entering a passcode on an iPhone running iOS9. (iStock Photo)

What’s at Stake for Apple in iPhone Legal Case

A UConn cybersecurity expert explains why Apple is resisting the court order to crack open a mass shooter's iPhone.