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Andy Sadlon '80 is looking to reinvigorate an old energy technology for a new era.

How an Alumnus-Run Company is Putting a New Spin on an Ancient Renewable Energy

Making hydroelectric power affordable and compact for an era where clean energy is in growing demand

Betsy and Mark Vergnano

UConn School of Engineering Unveils the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion, Supported by UConn Alumni Mark and Betsy Vergnano’s $3M Donation

The gift represents the largest diversity, equity, and inclusion investment in UConn School of Engineering history and is one of the largest single DEI investments in UConn

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin portrait

Laurencin Named Fellow of The American Ceramic Society

In ceramics, Dr. Laurencin is a life member of the American Ceramic Society and has lectured on Bioceramics as the prestigious Edward Orton, Jr. Memorial Lecturer of The American Ceramic Society and as the Rustum Roy Lecturer of The American Ceramic Society.

CEE Department Scores Two New Grants to Expand on Neurodiversity Programs

Two new grants from the National Science Foundation, totaling just shy of $1M, have been awarded to Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty Alexandra Hain and Arash Zaghi for work they will carry out in undergraduate research opportunities and new programs for graduate students, who both fall in the neurodiversity spectrum. The grants focus on the talents of students with ADHD and dyslexia in STEM fields.

UConn's Water Pollution Control Facility. Researchers are testing the abilities of certain kinds of shellfish to remove microplastics from water.

How Marine Animals Could Be Used to Clean Up Nature’s Big Pollutant: Microplastics

'Nature's perfect filtering machines' to the rescue

Andy Slater '85 (ENG), a current Ph.D. candidate, demonstrates the haptic technology he's developing for firefighters on his cell phone.

The Fourth Wave of Firefighting Innovation

An idea that came to Andy Slater while riding his motorcycle has led to the development of a technology that could become a life-saving tool for firefighters.

illustration of man sitting in the drivers seat of a self-driving car

UConn Magazine: In the Driver’s Seat

What’s keeping us out of self-driving cars? Hint: The answer has nothing to do with technology.

How Mapping COVID-19 Could Help Drug Companies

UConn's Ranjan Srivastava aims to mathematically model how the novel coronavirus replicates within an infected cell and how the infection spreads within the human body, boosting efforts to find effective treatments.

UConn President, Nine Faculty Inducted Into Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

Ten faculty members, including President Katsouleas, were selected for induction into the prestigious group.

Engineering a New Learning Environment For Neurodiversity

A grant-funded project in the School of Engineering aims to improve higher education for students on the neurodiversity spectrum.