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UConn's Water Pollution Control Facility. Researchers are testing the abilities of certain kinds of shellfish to remove microplastics from water.

How Marine Animals Could Be Used to Clean Up Nature’s Big Pollutant: Microplastics

'Nature's perfect filtering machines' to the rescue

Andy Slater '85 (ENG), a current Ph.D. candidate, demonstrates the haptic technology he's developing for firefighters on his cell phone.

The Fourth Wave of Firefighting Innovation

An idea that came to Andy Slater while riding his motorcycle has led to the development of a technology that could become a life-saving tool for firefighters.

illustration of man sitting in the drivers seat of a self-driving car

UConn Magazine: In the Driver’s Seat

What’s keeping us out of self-driving cars? Hint: The answer has nothing to do with technology.

How Mapping COVID-19 Could Help Drug Companies

UConn's Ranjan Srivastava aims to mathematically model how the novel coronavirus replicates within an infected cell and how the infection spreads within the human body, boosting efforts to find effective treatments.

UConn President, Nine Faculty Inducted Into Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

Ten faculty members, including President Katsouleas, were selected for induction into the prestigious group.

Engineering a New Learning Environment For Neurodiversity

A grant-funded project in the School of Engineering aims to improve higher education for students on the neurodiversity spectrum.

A group of SPARK campers work on their underwater robots in the UConn Wolff-Zackin Natatorium during the summer of 2019. SPARK seeks to mentor and encourage 7th-9th grade females to enter the STEM fields through overnight summer camps. (UConn Photo/Christopher LaRosa)

UConn Recognized as a Leader in Educating Women Engineers

The ranking reflects data from a survey of 135,205 women engineering student and professional subscribers of Woman Engineer magazine.

Emily Yale, one of the three inaugural students in the UConn Master's of Engineering in Global Entrepreneurship program, with her autonomous robot at the Great Lawn on Oct. 7. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Program is Fertile Ground for Student Innovation

As one of the first students in the new Master’s of Engineering in Global Entrepreneurship program, Emily Yale is tapping a wide range of resources.

A partial view of Saudi Aramco's Abqaiq oil processing plant on September 20. Saudi Arabia said on September 17 its oil output will return to normal by the end of September, seeking to soothe rattled energy markets after attacks on two instillations that slashed its production by half. (Photo by Fayez Nureldine / AFP / Getty Images)

‘Wake-up Call’: Drone Strikes in Saudi Arabia Show Urgency of UConn Research

Researchers at UConn's Eversource Energy Center are working hand-in-hand with its namesake to build a drone detection system for the state's major electrical provider.

Dr. Leslie Shor (left) and Dr. Pamir Alpay (right) are both taking over as associate deans of the UConn School of Engineering (UConn School of Engineering)

Shor and Alpay Appointed Associate Deans For School of Engineering

The UConn School of Engineering is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Leslie Shor to the position of Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research and the creation of a new position—Associate Dean for Research and Industrial Partnerships—which will be filled by Dr. Pamir Alpay.  In addition to this new role, Dr. Alpay will continue as the Executive Director of UConn Tech Park, reporting to Vice President for Research Radenka Maric. The dual role will allow Alpay to effectively lead engineering centers and initiatives in Tech Park.