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Chiho Kim (left), postdoctChiho Kim (left), postdoctoral fellow, and Rampi Ramprasad, professor of materials science and engineering, discuss a capacitor that Ramprasad is holding. (Christopher LaRosa/UConn Photo)oral fellow and Rampi Ramprasad, professor of Material Science and Engineering, discuss a capacitor that Ramprasad is holding. (Chris LaRosa/UConn Photo)

UConn Wins Funding for Study of Insulators

The research is aimed at understanding how insulators behave when exposed to high electric fields. "If you want to design materials that are tolerant to enormous electric fields, you must first understand how they fail," says the lead engineering professor.

A construction worker lowers the time capsule into an ultra-high performance, fiber-reinforced concrete vault that will hold it for the next 100 years. (Christopher LaRosa/UConn Photo)

Engineers Bury Time Capsule

A time capsule encasing examples of technology from the past was buried on the grounds of the new Engineering and Science Building, to be opened 100 years from now.

Will Ouimet, assistant professor of geography, and Katharine Johnson, a PhD. student, look over old maps of New England. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Seven Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards for Research, Education

Seven faculty members have received highly competitive early career awards from the National Science Foundation to support their research. Two more were recognized by the Office of Naval Research.

Travis Braisted '17 (ENG, CLAS), a participant in the Eurotech Program. (Michael Fiedler for UConn/File Photo)

Successful Eurotech Program Prepares Global Engineers

The German language and engineering program is now serving as a model for new language-based, dual-major programs.

New UConn Startup Creates Faster, Cheaper Test for Blood Disorders

A UConn startup could make the process of testing blood much more efficient with a handheld device that can give results in a matter of moments.

Lindsey Gilson '17 (BUS, ENG), a senior studying engineering management for manufacturing, was named Intern of the Year by the American Society of Engineering Education. Gilson, a native of Trumbull, Conn., interned last year for six months with Unilever in Minneapolis. Gilson will graduate this May. (Gerry McCarthy/UConn Foundation Photo)

Student’s Dual Expertise Saved Company More than $1 Million

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing major Lindsey Gilson received accolades from the American Society for Engineering Education for her outstanding work as an intern with Unilever.

Engineering Grad Students Working To Improve Bridge Monitoring

A new company, created by a pair of UConn graduate students, is developing an innovative technique using sensors to monitor the performance of bridges.

High-tech, industrial robotic welding machines in operation. (Getty Images)

UConn Named to Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute

The new national initiative aims to increase small manufacturers’ use of robots by 500 percent. UConn researchers will focus on the aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

Seok-Woo Lee, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, at his lab at the Gant Complex on Oct. 27, 2016. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

New Material Promises Benefits to Deep Space Travel

A UConn researcher has developed a new shape memory material that can help send unmanned probes to distant star systems.

A heart monitoring device that detects irregular heart beat algorithms, using sensors attached to an armband and a phone app. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

New Monitor Can Detect Early Signs of Heart Disease

UConn biomedical engineering researchers are developing new heart monitors to improve early detection of an irregular heartbeat.