Jeremy Teitelbaum

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Hidden Symmetries

The dean of CLAS muses on how adding an extra dimension to a problem can lead to new discoveries.

Spectacular Storrs

The dean of CLAS, a former resident of Chicago, touts the benefits of living in Storrs.

Citizenship, Marriage, and Mosques: Problems in the Applied Humanities

Pressing social issues are illuminated by scholarship in the humanities, says the CLAS dean.

Of Deans and English Professors

An administrator takes a wry look at the genre of academic satire.

The Joys of Jamming

There's nothing more satisfying than making music with others just for fun, says Dean Teitelbaum.

Slick Calculations

Mathematician Jeremy Teitelbaum plays by the numbers in an effort to comprehend the Gulf oil spill.

CLAS Blog: The Road to Agra

An international conference prompts reflections on the complex path to intercultural understanding.

UConn Over Yale and Other Tales from Jim Draper ’41

Jim Draper chose UConn, despite his father's wishes. His choice would change the University.

The Amazon, Avatar, and Smallpox

Thoughts on reading 1491 and going to the movies.

The Value of Curiosity

The CLAS dean reflects on intellectual curiosity in the first installment of a twice-monthly blog.