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Architectural rendering of University Avenue, Bridgeport, after the resilience project is finished. The street will be raised and provide pedestrian and train access between the South End and downtown Bridgeport, while protecting the interior of the South End from floodwaters.

Climate Resiliency Project Wins Federal Competition

UConn researchers helped design the project, which works with the local geography to protect Bridgeport residents and infrastructure.

A fractured skull. (iStock Photo)

Born to Break: Inherited Disease Sheds Light on Bone Loss

With a better understanding of how bone is formed and destroyed, UConn Health researchers now hope to discover new treatments.

Nichole Broderick, assistant professor of molecular and cell biology gives instructions to students in a microbiology lab at the Torrey Life Sciences Building on Nov. 10, 2015. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Students Search the Soil for New Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is up, antibiotic drug discovery is down. Some UConn undergraduates are a part of the search for potential new antibiotics.