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The arrows show where oligodendrocyte precursor cells (blue – all OPCs, pink- dividing OPCs) and their growth factor receptors are in contact with microglia (green) and their signaling proteins (red).

Repairing Nerves Requires Prods of Protein

It turns out the 'bad guys' of the brain aren't so bad after all

"Dr. Eric May (left) discusses virus research with students Prakhar Bansal (standing) and Shaan Kamal (right).

Raising the Odds Against Viral Infection

Learning how viruses slip into cells, with an eye toward making it harder for them

The lefthand image shows two cells just after they have divided; the turquoise cell on the upper left remains a germline stem cell, while the green cell on the lower right is transforming into an egg cell. The right hand image shows the concentration of active Mad in the cells. The germline stem cell on the upper left has much more active Mad, and so is a brighter blue than the egg cell.

Don’t Get Mad: For Stem Cells, Location is Destiny

Investigating how stem cells turn into new tissue, while remaining stem cells

An older woman seen from behind as she receives the COVID-19 vaccine at an outdoor vaccination center. UConn Health researchers are studying why COVID-19 is so much deadlier for older adults, in a project that will yield insights into the effect of vaccines on adult immune systems.

Study Seeks to Learn Why COVID-19 Is So Deadly for the Old

Research that will provide valuable insights about how vaccines affect immune systems

Glass glowing light bulb and business sketched ideas

Testing the Success of Their Communication Class, Scientists are Surprised

How do you measure the success of a science communication class? The answer is more complex than it may seem.

Clipboard with written prescription statins and stethoscope.

Statistically, Not Enough People Take Statins

Too many people are taking aspirin for heart health when it may not be effective for them.

Image of coronavirus

UConn Health Researchers Track COVID-19 Immunity

Antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 are universal in survivors of the illness, but their ability to counteract the virus varies significantly.

Lightning strikes over a city at night, illustrating the sudden and dangerous nature of so-called cytokine storms, potentially fatal episodes where inflammation-causing proteins flood the blood.

Cytokine Storms Can Kill. Researchers Found the Protein that Sparks Them

Researchers at UConn Health have made a discovery that offers insight into a disease that kills roughly 270,000 Americans every year.

A person in a hazmat suit with a gas mask holds a tray of lettuce in a greenhouse, illustrating the idea that E. coli bacteria like the type that can be found in some types of vegetables can be deadly to humans.

Discovering What Makes This Toxin Even Worse Than Diarrhea

UConn Health researchers have gained new insight into a particularly nasty strain of E. coli bacteria, which might lead to more effective treatments for this potentially deadly ailment.

The University seal

Six UConn Researchers to Join the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Six UConn researchers have been elected by their peers to receive a distinguished honor.