Kim Krieger

Kim Krieger has covered politics from Capitol Hill and energy commodities from the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. Her stories have exposed fraud in the California power markets and mathematical malfeasance in physics. And she knows what really goes on in the National Radio Quiet Zone. These days, Kim tells clear, compelling stories of the research at UConn. Her work connects Connecticut citizens and the press with the vast resources of their flagship public university. When not at UConn, she can be found kayaking among the beautiful Norwalk islands, digging in her garden, or occasionally enjoying the silence in the National Radio Quiet Zone.

Author Archive

Marc D’Amelio sitting on his couch in his Connecticut home

UConn Magazine: Father-Daughter Dance

Marc D’Amelio ’91 (CLAS) — who with daughters Charli and Dixie is a social media and reality TV star — talks parenting, TikTok, bleeding blue, and Beavis and Butthead.

Carol Atkinson-Palombo, professor of geography, second from left, speaks at a forum on the world climate held at Greenwich High School

In Connecticut, Climate Change is Another Way to Say Opportunity

A forum on UConn’s role in Connecticut’s energy future

An illustration of a human brain being powered by blue light meant to represent breath.

A Brain Stimulator That Powers With Breath Instead of Batteries

As deep brain stimulators become more common, the need to frequently change batteries is a major hurdle to overcome

UConn President Radenka Maric addresses the Navigating Climate Change and Energy Security in the Northeast Conference.

State and Industry Leaders Address Grid Resiliency at UConn Engineering Conference

UConn will play a key role in ensuring energy security in the coming decades

A researcher's gloved hand holds a vial of a brown liquid.

Both Types of THC Get You High–So Why is Only One Illegal?

Lab mice all agree: taking delta-8 feels just like taking delta-9

The word depression on a wood background and dark background.

Study: Electroshock Therapy More Successful for Depression than Ketamine

Therapeutic technique, portrayed unfavorably in films and TV shows, shows consistently better results with treatment-resistant depression

Stroke folders and labels at the Emergency Department at UConn Health in Farmington.

A Different Kind of Therapy for Stroke

A promising research path that could one day yield major benefits for future

A Black person's hand, open, being grabbed at the wrist against a dark background.

Risk of Suicide Rising Among Black and Hispanic Americans

Lack of access to mental health support could be among the factors responsible for the increases

A threespine stickleback fish, its stomach swollen by the presence of a tapeworm.

Tolerate Tapeworms or Resist? For Stickelback Fish, Resistance is Pricey

Gaining insight into how immune systems respond to infection with potential lessons for human beings

A single strand of ribonucleic acid, or RNA.

Researchers to Expand the Encyclopedia of RNA

More interest than ever in RNA, as it steps into the spotlight