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This shows the experimental apparatus before the measurement. The orange yellow tape hanging off the clear injector pipe in the middle of the image marks the spot where the X-rays will meet the sample.

New X-Ray Technique Sees the Crystal in the Powder

'Every single one of these is a special snowflake'

UConn researchers Thanh Nguyen, left, and Yang Liu, with the tissue scaffold made out of a biodegradable polymer that they say holds promise for treating ailments like arthritis.

Regrowing Cartilage in a Damaged Knee Gets Closer to Fixing Arthritis

A new 'tissue scaffold' that holds the potential for a bioengineering breakthrough

The coronavirus’s spike protein helps it against even effective vaccines. The spikes coat the virus, and are so wiggly and flexible that they slip through the clutches of antibodies (Adobe Stock).

Catching the Covid Wiggle

Visualizing the way spike protein shows off its moves

A tree down across power lines.

Predicting Power Outages With UConn’s Diego Cerrai

From winter storms to summer hurricanes, predicting weather's effect on the power grid is an ever-evolving challenge

The first-place entry, by Ph.D. student Shirley Huang.

Students Sweep Tech Park’s First Annual Microscopy Art Contest

Demonstrating how science can become art

UConn School of Medicine Associate Dean of Primary Care Bruce Gould, along with School of Medicine students Harrison Dieuveuil '25 and Samhita Gurrala '25 with Corsi-Rosenthal boxes.

UConn Health Rallying Community to Stop Spread of COVID-19

DIY air purifiers can be made in 30 minutes for $60 worth of supplies

In the U.S., about 7 -10% of adults and children have experienced significant parental rejection (Adobe Stock).

Rejection by a Parent Stings Across Cultures

Parental rejection leads to negative behaviors and emotions that range from bullying to anxiety

Professors Patricia Rossi and Spencer Nyholm offer a class that's a gateway into the world of microbiology.

UConn Magazine: The Microbe Hunters

A coveted class explores the unseen life all around us

Which Patients Benefit Most from Immunotherapy? This Tool Can Tell

Identifying effective treatments early can save cancer patients from months of fruitless therapies

UConn Health School of Medicine researchers Ming Xu, Binsheng Wang, and Lichao Wang.

UConn Researchers: Deleting Dysfunctional Cells Alleviates Diabetes

A discovery that could lead to game-changing treatments for metabolic diseases