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Kumbar Team

Revolutionizing Nerve Damage Treatment

For UConn Professor Sangamesh Kumbar, peripheral nerve regeneration could hold the key to a new future in injury treatment and pain management.

molecular crystals

Leading a Team Into the Future of Materials

UConn Professor J. Nathan Hohman is searching for the answers to questions about the physical world that scientists don’t yet know to ask

Mark Urban in the Arctic

Arctic-Focused Climate Change Research Initiative Earns Coveted $15 Million NSF Award

UConn Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Mark Urban will co-lead the EvoME Institute, a six-year, multi-disciplinary collaboration of experts from 14 institutions led by Woodwell Climate Research Center, UConn, and Columbia University

Truck Parking

Reducing Big Rig Parking Problems

UConn is working with the state and federal Department of Transportation to develop an app that will find safe parking places for truckers

Fenway the beagle

UConn Staff Raises Awareness for Humane Biomedical Research

UConn takes part in the BRAD - Biomedical Research Awareness Day

C2E2 Team

DOE Grants Fund Collaborative Clean Energy Projects

UConn is one of dozens of beneficiaries in funding program to bolster research into hydrogen energy and related projects

Jet landing.

Meeting the High-Speed Challenge

The Air Force Research Laboratory awarded UConn an additional $10.5 million for projects related to welding and advanced materials for high-temperature applications

Artificial Intelligence

Shining Light Makes Materials Magnetic at Room Temperature

In April, Engineering Professor Alexander Balatsky published his work applying AI to his theory of 'dynamic multiferroicity'

Solid oxide fuel cell units

Gift of Fuel Cell Units Enhances UConn’s Clean Energy Commitment

Eight solid oxide fuel cell units will be donated to the Center for Clean Energy Engineering

Bogner Lab

Pharmacy Faculty Advance Freeze-Drying Technology

Techniques developed at UConn are extending the shelf-life and potency of critical vaccines and other sensitive pharmaceutical products