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Alumni News

Keep up with the latest news on SoE Alumni!

Second Annual Industry Open House Takes Place Nov. 5

The second annual Industry Open House – featuring “speed-dating” meetings between Engineering faculty and industry leaders – takes place Nov. 5.

Cato Laurencin Receives NIH Pioneer Award

Renowned surgeon-scientist Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, a , has won a National Institutes of Health Pioneer Award for his exceptionally creative research in regenerative engineering.

Faculty News

An IEEE award, a grant from the Hubbell Foundation and a short-term professor appointment

Meet the New Faculty For UConn Engineering

The new school year begins with an impressive group of new SoE hires.

Alumni News

Catch up with Craig W. Ashmore '85, William L. D'Agostino '84, Bernard “Bernie” E. Gracy, Jr. '85, Monica T. Mohtasham '04 and Yingli Wen '93 in this issue's Alumni News.

Faculty News

Awards for Syam Nukavarapu and Barry Carter, a state appointment for Nicholas Lownes and the newest CASE Academy inductees

UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering: VIDEO

On November 19th, UTC and UConn Engineering announced the founding of a new UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn. But, what is systems engineering, and how will this revolutionary approach change the engineering landscape? This video unveils the promise of systems engineering.

UTC $10 Million Investment Helps Launch Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering

The UConn School of Engineering, in partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC), launched the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn, thanks to $10 million in planned investments from UTC. The initial $7.5 million contribution is one of the largest corporate gifts in UConn's history and represents a significant investment in educating the next generation of engineering leaders.

Student News

UConn Engineering students are inventing novel technologies, receiving awards and changing the world around them. Read about some of their latest activities you won't want to miss.