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UConn Remains New England’s Top Public University for 2011

UConn remains the top-ranked public university in New England.

UConn Implements Phase II Drought Plan

Recent dry weather has forced University officials to implement mandatory water conservation.

Young African Entrepreneurs Put Lessons to the Test

Twenty African students spent five weeks based in Storrs learning about entrepreneurship and US culture.

Over Qualified? Not Really

The idea that a person may be too smart for a job and leave is debunked by a business professor.

Board Votes to Freeze Managerial Salaries Next Year

The move reflects financial challenges faced by the University and the state.

State-Sponsored Artificial Turf Study Released

Air quality inside Shenkman facility OK’d.

Choosing the House Historian

A UConn emeritus history professor heads a group that is reshaping the role of the House historian.

Budgeting Emphasized for Today’s Teens

Savings should come first, says Joe Bittner, author of a financial literacy curriculum for students.

Fred Maryanski, Former Senior Administrator, Dies

Fred Maryanski, a UConn faculty member and administrator for more than 20 years, died July 2.

UConn Alum Named President, CEO of Walmart U.S.

Bill Simon ’83, ’88 MBA, who joined Walmart in 2006, was previously chief operating officer.