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A photo of a news conference being livestreamed via iPhone. As the tools and delivery platforms of journalism have changed, fundamental skills remain critical, says UConn journalism department head Marie Shanahan.

‘It Doesn’t Always Have to Be the Way It Was’: UConn’s Marie Shanahan on the Changing State of News

UConn Journalism’s incoming department head looks at the changing landscape of news and information

UConn Law School at night. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Alum Establishes Human Rights Award for UConn Law Students

Paul Schneider ’18 LLM created the award for law students who pursue social justice

To protect consumers, the FDA needs to strike a balance between quickly getting lifesaving drugs out to market and rigorously ensuring their safety.

The FDA’s Weak Drug Manufacturing Oversight is a Potentially Deadly Problem

The loss of tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses due to poor manufacturing oversight underscores the value of inspections

Centers that do not participate in CACFP are less likely to serve healthier options, such as nonfat or low-fat dairy and whole grains, and less likely to serve fruits and vegetables with meals.

Federal Child Care Nutrition Program Helps Centers Provide Healthier Options to Children

Study shows childcare centers not participating in the program are less likely to meet state nutrition standards

The snake's flickering tongue generates two pairs of small, swirling masses of air, or vortices, that act like tiny fans, pulling odors in from each side and jetting them directly into the path of each tongue tip.

Smelling in Stereo: The Real Reason Snakes Have Flicking, Forked Tongues

Long misunderstood, snake tongues have fascinated naturalists for centuries

Understanding flood damage risks is especially important in Connecticut, where high density development is common along the shoreline.

Don’t Get Soaked: Flood Damage Could Lessen if Cities Build Smarter

More pavement means more damage from floods

A new drug has raised hopes for people with Alzheimer's disease, but the FDA has taken a major risk by approving it before comprehensive clinical trials have been conducted.

The FDA’s Big Gamble on a New Alzheimer’s Drug

No one knows yet if the new drug will demonstrate significant benefits for patients

As fast-food companies increase their spending on advertising, they are disproportionately targeting young Black and Latino people, according to new research.

Rudd Center: New Study Finds Fast-Food Companies Spending More on Advertising, Disproportionately Targeting Black and Latino Youth

Industry spent $5 billion on advertising in 2019, and Black youth viewed 75% more ads than their white peers 

The Cato Institute

The Limits of Force in Israel-Palestine

An illustration of hands pointing at a woman who is overweight. A new study examines the experience of weight stigma across six different countries.

Weight Stigma is a Burden Around the World – and Has Negative Consequences Everywhere

Contrary to public perceptions, weight stigma does not motivate people to lose weight; it worsens health and reduces quality of life