School of Pharmacy

Pharmacist (Shutterstock)

Making Pharmacists Part of the Primary Care Team

In a Health Affairs analysis, a UConn professor makes the case for increasing the role of pharmacists in providing front-line care.

Expanding the Pharmacist’s Role in Mental Health Care

The School of Pharmacy sponsors a symposium on the role of community pharmacists in dealing with patients with mental illness.

UConn Patented Instrument Helps Reduce Risks in Drug Development

A team of faculty and students from pharmacy and engineering has invented an instrument that could help pharmaceutical companies develop new medicines more efficiently.

Lisa Bragaw, RPh, field coordinator, left, and Marie Smith, professor of pharmacy

Expanding the Pharmacist’s Role in Health Care

Most people see their pharmacist only when they are dropping off a prescription or picking up medication. But new research by the School of Pharmacy and the Connecticut Pharmacists Association has found that allowing pharmacists to be more involved in the delivery of health care improves patient outcomes and reduces costly emergency room visits. It […]

Faculty Member’s Role as Community Pharmacist Represents New Era

Lisa Holle’s community outreach is a new model for the role of pharmacists in health care.